10 Best Clock Radio Sound Quality of 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

So, you need a new clock radio.  What should you choose from top-rated clock radio products?

If you only need a clock radio, then you would have a wide range of options from which to select. For alarm clock radios, the choices are just as big.

Top 5 Best Sound Clock Radio: Editor’s Pick

Clock radio reviews will give you the heads up on the most popular and effective clock radios that will meet or exceed your expectations.

It’s easy to be entangled in a web of possibilities when shopping for clock radios – from inferior brands to top-quality options.

Let’s look at Top 10 picks we have for you.

10 Best Clock Radio Sound Quality Review:

1. Soundfreaq Sound Rise Wood + Taupe (SFQ-08WT) Alarm Clock

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Wood + Taupe (SFQ-08WT) Alarm Clock

  • TOP-RATED press reviews “Sound...
  • USB CHARGER to charge your phone,...

Let’s start with the Soundfreaq Sound Rise Wood and Taupe Alarm Clock which is made for lovers of music. Your favorite tune can be a perfect start to your day thanks to this trusty alarm radio clock.

As one of the best alarm clock radio products you can buy, the Sound Rise is loaded with smart features and Soundfreaq’s award-winning sound quality. The Sound Rise fits right in with your bedroom decor.

You will also be happy with the display of this alarm clock – it is very modern and capable of producing multiple dimming levels. The Soundfreaq is constructed to resemble a small piece of furniture that blends well with most bedrooms.

Although this alarm clock is only 6” by 6”, it is designed to produce five levels of brightness as well as total darkness. You can also set different alarms during the week, on weekends, special days, or daily.

Furthermore, you have the option of waking up to an alarm, Bluetooth, or to your favorite FM station. You may also set how loud the alarm and bright the digital display you want.

Highlighted Features

  • The sound is of award-winning quality with Bluetooth;
  • It is also designed with a USB charging port for charging your tablet, phone, and other devices;
  • The smart clock is designed to wake you with chime or radio, music, dual alarms, weekend and weekday alarms, sleep and nap timer;
  • Brightness can be adjusted to dim or complete “blackout” to allow you to sleep.

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2. JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio


JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio

  • Multi-sensory alarm clock with LED...
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • Usb charging

Experience the room-filling sound of the JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio designed for wireless Bluetooth streaming.  Not only does this radio alarm clock come with two quick-charging USB ports, but it also produces a sharp LCD and LED light for ambiance.

With this clock radio, you can set two alarms either with an original digital tone or a selection of five radio presets. This product also comes with a backup battery, so you wake up on time always. Your JBL Horizon has a sleek design that makes it appropriate for almost anywhere in your home.

The size of the JBL Horizon radio clock is just right- not too small and not too large. The price is also within the average budget for clock radios.

The only downside is that the light automatically dims according to the surrounding conditions. If this is not a deal-breaker, you won’t be disappointed with this product from among the best digital clock radio on the market.

Highlighted Features

  • This alarm clock is equipped with LED light;
  • The stereo alarm sound fills the room;
  • Allows Bluetooth streams;
  • Designed with a USB charger;
  • The design is sleek and attractive.

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3. hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock


Wake up to sunshine with the hOmeLabsWake Up Light Sunrise Simulation Digital Alarm Clock. Most would agree that this is a decent alarm clock that is the best digital clock radio you can buy.

One of the best features of this clock radio is light and display quality. The ambient light produced from this radio clock is white or orange, and the display can be dimmed to two levels as well as turned off.

The alarm sound is loud enough to wake the dead. It may, however, be too loud even at the lowest level. You may also love the sleep timer that allows the clock radio to automatically turn off the music when you fall asleep.

This clock radio is also designed with nature sounds that simulate the outdoors.

Highlighted Features

  • Dawn and dusk are simulated by this wake-up light digital alarm clock; The LED light slowly increases from 1% to 100% brightness 30 minutes before the time set to alarm.
  • Different types of nature sounds are produced with the sunrise simulation – birdsong, pure music, forest voices, waves. Choose the sound setting you like;
  • If you want 5 minutes extra sleep then use the sleep mode;
  • Your clock radio can also produce romantic light, choose from seven color options.
  • You can pick up your favorite FM station on this clock radio from a frequency range of 88 to108mHz.
  • It is easy to use this clock radio with its Touch Control, and big LED display.

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4. Thpoplete Clock Radio, 4.2″ LED Digital Alarm Clock

Thpoplete Clock Radio, 4.2

  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: driven by the...

Whenever you need the best alarm clock radio for your budget, you can rely on the Thpoplete Clock Radio. This product comes with two alarms you can set for the weekdays and weekends.

You also have the choice between radio and music when you set your alarm. The alarm sound can be adjusted to the volume you like. The display lights are also adjustable to suit your needs – set using the high, medium, or low settings.

The brightest settings are appropriate for daytime so you can see the time and temperature display easily.

Not only is the Thpoplete Clock Radio equipped with a dual USB port for charging your phone or tablet, but it also has a built-in low-power Bluetooth chip that allows you to connect with cell phones and other devices enabled by Bluetooth.

The clock radio’s 3.5 mm Audio Jack will enable you to connect with other audio devices for playing your favorite music. In sleep timer mode you can enjoy up to 90 minutes of music or radio before it turns off automatically.  By then you should be asleep.

Highlighted Features

  • You can set two separate wake-up alarm times to get going, and the snooze function gives you an extra 5 minutes before alarming again;
  • The Bluetooth 4.2 technology used in the clock radio produces ultra Hi-Fi audio;
  • The 5 Volt / 1.2A USB output interface provides charging for your cell phones as well as surge protection that is built in for protecting your smart devices;
  • The clock radio is also equipped with a sensitive indoor thermometer to read the temperatures of your bedroom or living room;
  • The large display made possible by its 4-inch mirror LED screen.

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5. AMIR Projection Clock, FM Radio with Alarm Clock

AMIR Projection Clock, FM Radio with Alarm Clock

  • ⏰【Ultra-clear Projection &...
  • ⏰【Indoor Temperature &...
  • ⏰【Dual Alarm with Snooze...

Unlike any ordinary alarm clock on the market, the AMIR Projection Clock comes with a 6 ½ inch LED screen with the capability of large displays.

So, not only will you hear the alarm but will also see the time projected big and bold. Amazingly, the AMIR Projection Clock occupies little space on your office or bedside table.

You have many features in this small package – dual alarms, snooze, time display and projection, radio sleep timer, FM radio, and a USB port for charging your smartphones and other devices.

With the projection clock radio, you can adjust the projection angle to allow you to see the time on your ceiling, a wall, or anywhere you like.

The blue projection light is soft, and you can adjust how bright it is. The AMIR projection clock is not only the best alarm clock radio for its features, but it is also the best for its user-friendliness.

Highlighted Features

  • Extra-large 6.5 inches LED display that allows you to read the time from a distance;
  • The display can be adjusted with 180° angle to project the time clearly onto the ceiling or wall;
  • Store up to 10 FM stations on your radio from a variety of free programs between FM: 76.0-108.0MHz;
  • Set your sleep timer of between 5 to 90 minutes to fall asleep with your favorite station;
  • Wake up to the sounds of nature or if you like, to the alarm buzzer or your radio;
  • A non-slip pad at the base prevents the radio clock from slipping off your bedside table.

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6. Sony Compact AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio

Sony Compact AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio

  • Dual Alarms - Set two separate wake...
  • AM/FM Radio - Built-in AM/FM radio...
  • Soothing nature sounds - Fall...

You may also prefer the Sony Compact AM/FM Dual Alarm Clock Radio that allows the time to be projected on your wall or ceiling. This alarm clock which is among the best am FM clock radio on the market provides five different sounds from nature to wake up to.

A convenient feature is the dual alarm that allows you to set separate alarm times for yourself and your partner. Its swivel projector will enable you to tilt it up to 180 degrees to display the time on the ceiling or wall.

Brightness can be adjusted at the touch of a button to make reading the time more comfortable.

This clock radio comes in handy during power failures as it has a backup battery system that allows the correct time and alarms to be maintained.

The snooze feature allows you an extra 10 minutes of sleep before the alarm returns. You can also charge your smartphone and other devices on the clock radio’s side-mounted USB port.

Highlighted Features

  • With the dual alarm feature, you have the option of setting two different wake times – one for you and the other for your partner;
  • Listen to up to 10 preset stations with the built-in AM/FM radio;
  • Five calming sounds of nature – birds, ocean waves, brook, rain, and under the sea – will help you sleep stress-free as well as wake you up;
  • Quickly read the time with the big LCD display, and bright white LED backlight.

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7. DreamSky Deluxe Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio.

DreamSky Deluxe Alarm Clock Radio with FM Radio

  • Elegant Digital Alarm Clock with...
  • Digital FM Radio ONLY with Sleep...
  • USB Charging Port: Extra USB port...

Your choice from the best alarm clock radio on the market includes the DreamSky Deluxe Alarm Clock Radio which also features FM radio.

With a simple design that is appealing to everyone, this alarm clock radio is without a doubt the right solution to let you sleep to your favorite sounds and wake you up to face the day.

Not only is the display sharp and bold, but the alarm sound is loud and clear. You can adjust the brightness of your clock’s display to any level you like.

 Highlighted Features

  • The display screen features four inches LCD screen with a blue display that is easy to see and read. The brightness can be adjusted to make viewing more comfortable;
  • The FM radio is easy to tune to any channel you like, and the volume can be changed (the speaker is clear and loud);
  • Fall asleep to your radio thanks to the sleep timer that can be set to 10 to 120 minutes;
  • The USB port is provided for charging your smartphone and other smart devices without needing to plug into the wall;
  • You can either wake up to your radio or an alarm buzzer. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level so that the alarm begins softly then increases to the maximum volume within five seconds;
  • Snooze time is in 8 minutes intervals for an hour until it turns off;
  • You can plug this clock radio into any wall outlet with the DC adapter included;
  • It uses three AAA batteries that you need to buy separately.

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8. Dorzu Alarm Clock Radio, FM Digital Clock Radio

The best digital clock radio on this list may be your ticket to great starts and ends to your days. Not only does the display on the Dorzu Alarm Clock Radio features large 1.4 inches LED numbers that are easy to read wherever in the room you are, but it also features a clear alarm sound that can wake the dead.

Control the amount of light displayed with the adjustable dimmer to suit both daytime and nighttime conditions.

A great feature of this digital alarm clock radio is the 12-hour time system that allows you to indicate whether the time set is AM or PM.

You can tell this by the PM light that will come on when the time is set (no PM light means the time is AM).  Choose to wake up to either your favorite radio station or an alarm buzzer. Either way, the alarm sound starts gently at first before increasing in volume to wake you up.

Highlighted Features

  • It is easy to read the time display at a glance thanks to the clock radio’s big LED screen. Of course, you can adjust the brightness with two levels to view comfortably;
  • Charge your smartphone and other devices with the extra USB port;
  • Adjust the radio volume with up to 16 levels and expect a loud and clear sound from the speaker;
  • Wake up at the time you set with the digital alarm clock – select wake up with buzzer or radio;
  • With the DC adapter, you can plug this clock radio into any wall outlet or use two AAA batteries which you need to buy separately.

9. Homtime Alarm Clock with Radio

Homtime Alarm Clock with Radio

  • 10W Wireless Fast Charging: Drop...
  • Safe Bedside Alarm Clock with Dual...
  • Easy Operating FM Radio with Sleep...

Falling asleep at night and waking up in the mornings are stress-free thanks to the Homtime Alarm Clock with radio. With an FM radio that delivers a stereo sound that is clear and crisp, you have 20 of your favorite stations to listen to whenever you wish for soothing music to fall asleep to.

Listen to music from your mobile phone or tablet through Bluetooth and use the handsfree function for phone calls on your alarm clock radio unit. Expect high-quality sound for the alarm tone as well as for the music.

This alarm clock radio also doubles as a charging unit for your phone, tablet, and other smart devices through the built-in USB charging ports. So, if you need the best sounding clock radio to get your day started, then the Homtime alarm clock radio with all its features is your best bet.

 Highlighted Features

  • A USB port for charging phones and other smart devices;
  • Get a loud and clear audio output from the speakers;
  • You can also adjust the brightness using the High, Middle, Low, OFF levels for day or night use;
  • The alarm time is very easy to set, and it can be seen on the large LCD;
  • With a snooze interval of 9 minutes you can grab more sleep before you wake up;
  • The FM radio on the alarm clock radio stores up to twenty radio stations for you to fall asleep.

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10. MIZHMI Alarm Clock with FM Radio

MIZHMI Alarm Clock with FM Radio

  • 【projection 180°Angle】Rotate...
  • 【adjust brightness】Set the...
  • 【two alarm point&USB charging...

Another high-quality projection alarm clock you can choose is the MIZHMI Alarm Clock which also features an FM radio.

Not only does this alarm clock radio let you sleep with up to 10 stations you can choose, but it also awakens you with a gentle beep or any other alarm setting you to want.

Like any top-rated clock radio on the market, the MIZHMI provides dual alarms so you can set two different times to wake up.

This alarm radio clock is very easy to use as it is designed with simplicity in mind. You can even charge your smartphone and other devices with the two USB ports provided.

In a nutshell, the MIZHMI is the right clock for anyone who needs a simple, easy to read, and reliable alarm clock.

Highlighted Features

  • This radio alarm clock features a dimmer that can be adjusted between 0 to100, on the highest setting, you read the time a distance;
  • You have the option of setting two alarms for wake-ups at two different times or for weekends and weekdays;
  • This alarm clock radio also features snooze that can be adjusted from 5 to 60 minutes to give you extra zzzs before you are ready to wake up to a gentle beep;
  • With the sleep function you can fall asleep to ten of your favorite radio stations;
  • The 5V/2A USB charging ports on your alarm clock radio can charge your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or MP3/MP4 player quickly;
  • This alarm clock features a 9-inch LED display screen that you can see from across the room in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, restaurant, hotel, café, or wherever you need an alarm clock.

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Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Select Clock Radio

To get the most out of your alarm clock radio, you might want to start with a few tips on what to look for when buying your clock.  Even with a catalog of the top-rated alarm clock radio products on the market, you would need the right information to make the best choice.

Here are a few tips for buying the alarm clock radio that suits you.

Choose function over design

While it is tempting to reach for the best-looking design in an alarm clock, the better option is to consider what the alarm clock can do. If the clock you want has all the right features and is easy to use, then that is the clock you should buy.

Choose warmer light display 

It is easy to overlook the kind of light the alarm clock produces until you have bought it. Alarm clocks that generate blue light (which is cool light) keep you awake or make sleep restless. Check the light to make sure it is a warm light like red, orange, or amber that is best for relaxing sleep.

Choose clocks with a clear display

Sharp and bright display is crucial in the best clock radio so pay attention to this feature. If you intend to keep your alarm clock away from your bed, then a big, bold display will help you see the time clearly at a glance.

Choose clocks that produce various sounds

Typically alarm clocks produce sound for wakeups. Now alarm clocks are made to provide a wide variety of sounds to wake up. Whatever sound you go for depends on your personality and tastes. You have sound options like your favorite radio stations, the standard alarm buzzer, nature sounds, or other sounds that may start gently then get louder. If you know you are a heavy sleeper a loud noise may be all you need to get up and go.

Choose clocks with additional features

Alarm clock radios come with features that help you to wake up even better. Such features include vibration to shake you awake, light that also simulates daylight, and dual alarms that allow you to set different alarm times for you and your partner – or as a backup alarm just in case you missed the first one.

Choose from stylish clocks

Although functionality should be the number one consideration when buying alarm clocks, you cannot ignore the style of your clock. Check out the color and style of your clock radio. Will it fit your bedroom décor? If yes, then you are good to go. Even the best alarm clock radio offers a style that will suit your expectations.

Choose an alarm clock with excellent sound quality

After all, you should not overlook the sound quality. While you have a variety of sounds to choose from, pay attention to the quality of the sounds too. The sound should be clear and loud, but adjustable to suit your preferences. One way to determine how clear your sound will be is to check the size of the speakers. Chances are that alarm clock radios with the bigger speaker will produce better sound (although there are products on the market with small speakers that deliver surprisingly clear and powerful sound).  Also, expect better sound quality from alarm clock radios with CD player built-in or that can be connected to your iPod.

FAQ’s: Frequently ASK Question About Clock Radio

Can my alarm clock wake me up automatically with music from my phone through Bluetooth?

Depending on the brand of alarm clock you purchased, it may be able to wake you up automatically with the radio station you selected through Bluetooth. Here is what should happen when you set the alarm for a Bluetooth wakeup:
1) The alarm clock turns its Bluetooth on and tries to link with the last device that was synced to it.
2) As soon as it is connected, the timer sends a Bluetooth Media Play command to that device.
3) The clock then increases the volume gradually (the alarm clock’s volume that is), until the level you had set is reached.
If the alarm clock does not connect to the device for any reason, then it goes back to the usual alarm clock sound. Sometimes the Bluetooth’s Media Play Button may experience hiccups as it tries to find what to play (this problem does not always happen though). You can get around that problem by loading up the streaming service you want your phone to play in advance and leave it paused. The moment the time you have set for the alarm is reached the clock will automatically activate the streaming service that you have set up.

Can you set the radio as the alarm?

Yes, it is possible to do so with most alarm clocks on the market today. You can set the alarm to your favorite radio station and wake up to music. The best alarm clock radio also allows you to set the volume so that the radio does not suddenly blast sound at you. The volume starts low at first then increases to wake you up.

How do I keep the time up on the screen?

The easiest way to keep your time displayed on the screen is to hit the snooze button. This button toggles from bright, medium, and off. You may also set the time display button on your alarm clock (if your clock has one) to select between setting the “time display all the time”, selecting “dim”, or selecting “off”. Note though that if your clock radio is only working on batteries, the time display won’t stay on for long. You would need to have your alarm clock radio plugged into a power outlet to have the time display remain on. So, if your time display doesn’t stay on after you selected “bright” or “dim” with the snooze button, something may be wrong with your alarm clock radio. In that case, return it to your seller to have it sorted out.

I am curious about the projection alarm clock, is it a good choice?

The alarm clock you select should be the best alarm clock radio that suits your sleep and wake up needs. Some people prefer the projection clock radio for its ability to show the time big and bold on surfaces like on the ceiling or a wall. This is a neat feature for persons who want to see the time at a glance instead of straining to see it on a small screen. You can angle your projection alarm clock to display the time on any surface you want it to show.

Final Verdict

Finding the right alarm clock radio from the tons of top rated clock radio products on the market is made easier with reliable clock radio reviews. We have looked at ten recommended alarm clock radios that not only meet most consumer needs but also fit most budgets. With this buying guide, you are well on your way to making the best choice that is right for you. Of course, the clock you buy also depends on why you need an alarm clock. If you are also a heavy sleeper, there are alarm clocks available with great features to wake you up and get you started on a fun-filled or productive day.

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