10 Best Sponge Mop of 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

If you are looking for the most convenient option, sponge mops will hardly disappoint you. They come in different shapes and sizes. The market offers synthetic, semi-synthetic, and all-natural sponge heads. They also usually come with telescoping handles with durable poles.

Wringing, cleaning, and replacing them requires almost zero effort. Some come with a built-in wringer, while others have a mop-and-bucket system. And while no-name cheapest abound in the market, selecting the best sponge mop requires nothing short of discernment and judgment.

Top 5 Best Sponge Mop: Editor’s Recommended

A barrage of options and overlapping of features can confuse even the most observant buyer. For many home-dwellers, a commercial sponge mop is an overkill. All you need is a mop with qualities that are just enough for a household.

It’s why we have prepared this short guide, so you don’t get lost in a maze of similar features and models. This sponge mop review results from many hours of researching, analyzing, testing, and fact-checking.

We hope the information herein will help you make the right buying decision. Here are our top picks.

The Best Sponge Mop Guide

Best Overall: Quickie 454 Automatic Mop

It’s the most convenient, versatile, affordable, ultralight, and earth-friendly option in the market. Its telescoping handle and a built-in wringer are real dealmakers. The handle extends and collapses to accommodate your needs for storage and height.

But above all, the cellulose makeup of this porous sponge is highly absorbent and environmentally friendly. Quickie’s worth considering if you are looking for the maximum bang for your money over a long period.

Best Runners Up: Yolanda Home Commercial With Refill

This sponge mop would have taken the top spot were it not for its proprietary refills. Replacing the mop head is a tad expensive, but it packs a lot of cleaning power. The head is a trident of honeycomb-style sponge, a squeegee, and a stiff brush.

The Home Commercial is up to the task if you want to sop up liquid messes, bust grimes, or pick up dirt and dust. The brush can withstand scrubbing tasks. Getting rid of dirty water is also a breeze. But above all, it’s ultralight.

Recommended Sponge Mop Reviews:

1. Quickie 454 Automatic Mop

Quickie 454 Automatic Mop

  • Automatic squeezing action makes...
  • 48-inch steel handle with hang-up...
  • Cellulose absorbs more water

If convenience is your concern, Quickie 454 is worth the potential downsides. Its mop head is 9.03-inches long and 3.25-inches wide. That length is enough to cover small areas, as it doesn’t cover as much ground as other alternatives.

However, Quickie’s versatile — you can use it to clean walls and floors. The rectangular head has cellulose constituents. They are highly absorbent.

Long strips of these sponge cloths form thin layers. And so, when you use the mop, the strips lie flat, increasing cleaning efficiency. You can also scrub and scour the surface, but it won’t degrade. The mop head doesn’t swivel.

But one plate with two hinges creates a connection between the handle and the head. This mechanical attachment folds, enabling you to wring. You don’t need to hunch over when squeezing the mop dry.

On top of all, the Automatic Mop is easy to wield. It weighs 1.25-pounds (20 oz.). Hence, it’s gentle on your back, shoulders, and arms. The handle is 48-inches long, but it’s not telescopic.

The steel makeup is sturdy. Zinc plating protects the steel from water damage. You can also mishandle it, but it won’t bend, shatter, or break. But the fact that you can’t collapse the handle makes for storage problems under sinks or in closets.

A lever runs parallel to the handle. You can activate the hinge to wring out water without the need to bend down. The attachment also allows you to remove and replace the mop head when it gets dirty.

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2. Quickie 514ZQK Super Squeeze Mop


Quickie 514ZQK Super Squeeze Mop

  • Durable spring-back metal...
  • Extra absorbent cellulose sponge
  • 48-inch steel handle with hang-up...

Any home-dweller will delight in this sponge mop. Quickie is versatile. It’s everything you need to clean small areas in kitchens and bathrooms as well as walls.

The mop head is 9.25-inches long. Quickie 514ZQK is a wet mop for real because its design enables you to scrub stains and soak up messes. Best of all, you can squeeze out excess water, as it comes with a built-in wringer system, which requires you to fold the mop in half.

But above all, Quickie is easy to wield. It tips the scales at just 1.3-pounds (20.8 oz.). Thus, you can count on the sponge mop’s gentleness on your back, shoulders, and arms to clean large areas.

And its mop head is smoother and less crusty than traditional. Hence, it’s the best sponge mop for wood floors.

With a cellulose makeup, the mop head’s highly absorbent. And that counts toward dryer floors and less drying times. All you need to do is put the head in water with surfactant or detergent and rinse it when you finish cleaning.

And cleaning and replacing the wet mop head are a breeze. And because of its replaceable and upgradable mop head, Quickie’s durable. Nothing beats the convenience of the Super Squeeze Mop.

That’s a huge plus given how cleaning contributes to efficiency. The handle is 48-inches long, although it’s not telescopic. And so, it’s not collapsible. It can be a problem if you want to store the mop in a closet or under the sink.

Yet, the handle’s material makeup makes it all the more valuable. Even when you mishandle it, metal doesn’t splinter, bend, break or shatter. As well, it won’t harbor bacteria, although the sponge itself can if you don’t clean and dry it properly.

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3. Yocada Home Commercial With Refill

Yocada Home Commercial With Refill

  • ▲▲▲How to install the sponge...
  • ▲▲▲Sponge Mop Honeycomb...
  • ▲▲▲Sponge Mop Adjustable Iron...

If you are looking for the best sponge mop for scrubbing, look no further than Yolanda Home Commercial. It features a mop head 10.55-inches long. It doesn’t cover as much ground as other alternatives. Hence, it’s suitable for cleaning small areas.

A honeycomb-style sponge, a squeegee, and a stiff brush attachment constitute the head. Without a doubt, the Home Commercial packs a lot of punch. The sponge is highly absorbent, breathable, and dryable. Its cleaning power is phenomenal.

The squeegee makes light work of getting rid of dirty water. It can access hard-to-reach spots. The stiffness of brushes and squeegees means that the mop head can withstand rigorous scrubbing.

And while replaceable and removable, it’s proprietary, meaning you will have to buy its replacement from the manufacturer.

As we found out, it’s not a breeze to remove the head, yet a button is present. Hence, it’s not easy to assemble and disassemble. Also, the two spares are not cheap to buy and replace. Best of all, the handle is telescopic.

You can extend it to 52-inches and collapse it to 42.5-inches. All you need to do is turn the middle pole anticlockwise. And so, it doesn’t just fit any height, but a closet, as well.

And it’s sturdy. Iron makes it up. You can mishandle it, but it won’t bend, break, or splinter. The Home Commercial is also wieldy, as it weighs 2.7-pounds (43.2 oz.).

It’s also versatile, as you can use it to clean the walls and floors. You will also enjoy cleaning vinyl and tile floors, but it does poorly on uneven surfaces.

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4. Yolanda Home Commercial Without Refill

Yolanda Home Commercial Without Refill

  • ▲▲▲How to install the sponge...
  • ▲▲▲Sponge Mop Honeycomb...
  • ▲▲▲Sponge Mop Adjustable Iron...

If you are looking for a lot of cleaning power, Yolanda Home Commercial is the best sponge mop for scrubbing. It features a mop head with a honeycomb sponge design. Also, the mop base consists of a brush and a squeegee.

They all pack a lot of punch. As such, you can scrub the toughest stuck-on stains, but Yolanda won’t degrade. When you want to rid your floors of dirty water, the squeegee comes in handy.

As well, the sponge is highly absorbent and breathable. Sopping up liquids is a breeze. Also, wringing out excess water is just as effortless. Plus, a well-designed lever reduces wringing effort.

On top of all, it is easy to clean the sponge. You can remove and replace the sponge, but it’s not easy. Besides, it’s proprietary — you can only buy it from the manufacturer. Replacing it can break the bank.

The sponge is 10.57-inches long, which is wide enough to cover small areas. Best of all, the handle is telescopic. You can extend it to 52-inches and collapse it to 42.5-inches. And so, it’s not just gentle on your back, but you can store it in a closet, as well.

And the iron makeup of the pole makes it durable. You can mishandle it, but it won’t splinter, shatter, bend or break. And the plastic construction is just as hard. It comes with metal fasteners.

Without a doubt, nothing beats Yolanda’s user-friendliness. Not to forget, it tips the scales at just 2.51-pounds (40.16 oz.). Any home-dweller will delight in it.

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5. Quickie Sponge Mop Refill 3 ” X 9 ” Type S

Quickie Sponge Mop Refill 3

  • This mop refill fits Quickie mop...
  • (2) threaded locking nuts included
  • Type S refill

If you have concerns for the environment, Quickie’s cellulose sponge is your new best friend. Its material composition is 100% cellulose. When you dispose of it, it doesn’t clog landfills. It’s environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t contain triclosan.

It’s also not semi-synthetic. Polyester filling is absent. Instead, biodegradable wood fibers make it up. The 3 ” X 9 ” Type S is 9.13-inches long. And so, like many sponge mops, it’s suitable for cleaning small areas.

Bright colors make Quickie a standout refill. Also, it has holes. These make the Quickie sponge highly absorbent. And so, when floors take too long to dry up, the sponge is a lifesaver.

It excels just as well in holding and releasing water. And thus, you can squeeze out excess water with little effort. The refill won’t fray when you expose it to scrubbing tasks. It’s soap-treated to keep bacteria and fungi at bay.

As well, its interior is pliable and moist. And so, it’s easy to clean it. And because it excels at picking up particles and residues, it won’t rinse to completion. It can also degrade and smell.

Avoid using sponge mops to wipe gross messes that favor bacterial growth. Look for a disposable cleaner. The Type S refill is compatible with Quickie mop heads of models 045ONE, 045-4, and 045HPM.

And the fact that it’s proprietary makes the replacement part pricey. However, cellulose is durable. On top of all, it comes with two packs. They can last long enough for you to get the value for your money.

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6. Quickie Sponge Mop Refill Type S

Quickie Sponge Mop Refill Type S

  • QUICKIE MOP REFILLS Type S: Pack of...

If you are mindful of Mother Nature, you require a sponge refill that won’t clog your landfill for a very long time. The Refill Type S mop head hits all the marks because it consists of a blend of cellulose and triclosan.

It’s compostable. As well, it’s biodegradable.

And it’s rectangular, measuring 9-inches long and 3-inches wide. It’s thus suitable for cleaning small areas. Two layers make it up, with a blue layer lying on top of the yellow.

Polyester, polyurethane, and triclosan are absent. The small air bubbles within it make the material highly absorbent. Each bubble punches above its weight, as it can accommodate between 20 and 30 times its capacity.

Squeezing out liquid is therefore effortless. Quickie absorbs and holds liquid, and it can withstand pretty hard scrubbing tasks. It is also abrasive.

You will find it invaluable in scrubbing off dried-on stains on bathroom and countertop surfaces. Sponges excel at picking up food particles. But this is the reason why you can’t rinse them 100%.

Be sure not to use the same sponge for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. Also, bacteria, fungi, and molds can multiply in a wet sponge. They reduce the sponge’s life.

As the sponge decays, it will smell funky. Ensure you air dry the sponge or dispose of it. Experts say you should replace sponges every week or two. Fortunately, the Refill Type S comes with a pair. But when the pack runs out, and you need to replace it frequently, costs can go up.

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7. Rejuvenate RJBONPKG Microfiber Bonnet Applicators


Rejuvenate RJBONPKG Microfiber Bonnet Applicators

  • Removes dirt and grime
  • Fully lined construction
  • Machine washable and reusable

When you want to convert your sponge mop into a microfiber mop, you can take advantage of Rejuvenate RJBONPKG’s offering. All you need to do is wrap it around the mop head or base. It will fit snuggly into any 9-inch-wide mop head.

Experts estimate that one square inch contains not less 200, 000 microfiber strands. That packs a lot of cleaning power. Picking up micro sized particles is a breeze.

Each strand is weave fiber that results from splitting the thickness of human hair 100 times — that’s about a third of cotton fiber’s thickness. A blend of 20% nylon and 80% polyester constitutes each strand.

The creator wove the two materials together to form a pie-shaped strand. Rejuvenate RJBONPKG’s highly absorbent. It’s because microfiber punches above its weight.

It can hold about seven times as much water as its capacity can permit. Thus, it absorbs most of the liquid in one sweep. And that makes for a dryer floor and less drying time. It also excels just as well at picking up fine dust and debris. You don’t need to use a cleaning solution.

On top of all, it’s lint-free. And when you use and maintain it properly, Rejuvenate RJBONPKG can last long. It can withstand many wash cycles before it degrades — it’s highly launder able. Experts estimate between 500 and 600 times.

It’s also gentle, sturdy, and non-abrasive. Nevertheless, because of its premium qualities, microfiber is pricy. But the upfront cost is worth your money when you distribute it over a long time.

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8. Yocada Sponge Mop Home Commercial

Yocada Sponge Mop Home Commercial

  • ▲▲▲How to install the sponge...
  • ▲▲▲Sponge Mop Honeycomb...
  • ▲▲▲Sponge Mop Adjustable Iron...

If you intend to deep-clean small areas of your kitchen and bathroom where dried-on stains are a menace, you want a tool that packs a lot of cleaning power. The Home Commercial has everything you need.

First off, it features a honeycomb-style mop head. It integrates with a squeegee and a stiff brush. All these parts pack lots of cleaning power. When you want to remove dirty water, you can switch to squeegee.

When you want to loosen stuck-on dirt, the scrub brush attachment can come in handy. Above all, the porous mop head is highly absorbent. Each air bubble punches above its weight, as it can hold between 20 and 30 times its capacity.

You can wring out water with almost no effort. The sponge is also breathable. Sponges are also easy to clean. But a wet mop can be home to bacteria and fungi, which can reduce its life.

Be sure to air dry the head. And so, as sponges degrade, they give out a funky smell. Besides, it’s not a breeze to remove the head. Worse still, it’s proprietary. You can’t buy replacement parts elsewhere — that can drive the costs up.

This product doesn’t come with spares. And so, you will have to purchase the replacement. Above all, the Home Commercial comes with a long, telescopic handle with an iron pole.

You can adjust it to match your height. As well, you can collapse the handle to fit in your closet. Not to forget, the Home Commercial can tip the scales at 2.51-pounds (40.16 oz.).

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9. Quickie 472MB Clean Squeeze


Quickie 472MB Clean Squeeze

  • Refill fits Quickie mop model...
  • Scrubber strip included
  • Works well on tile, grout and any...

Sponges degrade with use. But bacteria, molds, and fungi can accelerate the process. When you own a sponge mop, head degradation can take place sooner or later.

Fortunately, you can remove and replace the head with a new one. When that happens, and you’ve just disposed of a 9-inch-long part, you need its replacement. Quickie 472MB Clean Squeeze should come on top of your mind.

First off, the refill is a single pack. It consists of cellulose, which is friendly to Mother Nature. Wood pulp makes up cellulose. You can be sure it will decompose when you dump it in your landfill because it’s as compostable as other cellulose sponge mops.

And given how precious landfill space is, Quickie 472MB is your new best friend. Plastic alternatives can last 152,000 years, experts say. The product contains pure cellulose.

Second, the sponge is porous. Each pore is an air bubble. Its liquid holding power is massive. As well, it’s highly absorbent. And so, you can wipe the surface dry with a single pass. Thus, it’s suitable for sopping up liquid spills.

It works just as well on surfaces like countertops, dishes, and bathrooms. However, rinsing won’t remove all of the food particles that the sponge has trapped. As particles decay, so is the sponge.

A decaying sponge gives out an unpleasant smell. Be sure to air dry it. As well, avoid using the sponge to wipe organic substances.

However, the Clean Squeeze is compatible with sponge mop models 047MB-4 and 047-4. It’s one tool that’s worth the potential downsides.

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10. MOOSOO Sponge Mop and Bucket Set


MOOSOO Sponge Mop and Bucket Set

  • 🥇【EASY TO CLEAN & DRY】Simply...
  • 🥇【EASY STORING】MP22 Mop...

Mop-and-bucket systems are usually heavy and bulky, but not this one. It tips the scales at just 4.64-pounds (74.2 oz.). And so, Moo Soo is ultralight by comparable standards.

It features a slim, rectangular bucket that is easy to store in a closet. The sponge has a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) composition. Hence, it’s synthetic. Unlike cellulose, it has an inert environment, which isn’t favorable for microbial growth.

And because it’s porous, it’s highly absorbent. PVA is also responsible for the sponge’s high tensile strength. You can compress it when dry. As well, the PVA sponge mop expands when wet.

The sponge has air bubbles, which punch above their weight. They can hold 15 times as much dry weight of water as their capacity. It excels just as well in releasing liquid, making squeezing out excess liquid a breeze.

In a single sweep, it wicks most of the liquid mess. Thus, it makes for a dryer floor and less drying time. Best of all, the Mop and Bucket Set features a telescoping handle. You can assemble and disassemble it to extend or collapse it.

Stainless steel makes up the handle material. It won’t shatter, bend, or break if you mishandle it. The collapsible handle makes it easy to store it. But because it contains triclosan, which inhibits bacterial growth, it’s not environmentally friendly.

Also, it doesn’t decay. Nor does it form compost. It can clog up your landfill for many generations to come. All in all, Moo Soo is suitable for cleaning small areas, as it doesn’t cover much ground.

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Buying Guide

Before you hit the shop floors for a sponge mop, you need to consider a couple of things. Let’s have a look.


It can make or break a deal. When it comes to handling comfort, be sure to select handles with a non-slip grip. Telescoping handles have so far proved to be invaluable in preserving your back.

Some have a mechanism to collapse or extend them through turning the pole clockwise or anticlockwise. But some models lack this mechanism. Instead, they come with different parts you can assemble to expand the handle.

But assembling can take up a lot of your time. Collapsible handles are also easy to store. Handles should not also splinter, bend, or break when you accidentally mishandle them. Go for hard plastic or metal handles. Avoid wood if you can.

Mop Head Material Composition

Go for all-natural mop heads if you have concerns for the environment. Cellulose sponges have all-natural makeup. They are biodegradable and compostable, meaning they will decay to free up spaces in your landfill. Synthetic alternatives don’t.

Like other polymers, they can last for generations. Sponges are excellent absorbers of organic particles. They all decay, giving out a pungent smell. Be sure to air dry them.

Some manufacturers treated them with detergents and triclosan to limit microbial growth. However, we don’t recommend this because these chemicals can harm aquatic life.


A sponge mop with a light material makeup is gentle on your muscles and tendons. Cleaning is already a rigorous activity. It doesn’t have to be a backbreaking chore.

Look for the lightest models. Mop-and-bucket systems are often heavy and bulky, but some come with flat buckets. Avoid round buckets as much as you can.


Natural and untreated heads aren’t durable. They are subject to decay. Bacteria and germs can invade them if they are wet.

Be sure to air dry them. Else, the sponges won’t last long. Soap- and triclosan-treated sponges are better options, but they aren’t environmentally friendly.

Parting Shot

We hope this sponge mop review equips you with useful insights to make the right buys. As new models and features continue to swarm the market, choosing the best sponge mop for your money and purposes is getting ever more complicated.

We assure you that we will keep updating this guide to match the market. It’s a result of testing, researching, analyzing, and fact-checking. The thing is, focus on what the product can do for you.

A product that matches your needs and preferences is always out there. But digging it up is a tall order. It’s why we came up with this short buying guide.

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