20+ Cool & Unique Tea Infuser

As surprising as this may sound, it takes a long time to make tea, especially if you are making said tea from loose tea leaves.

Making tea from leaves that have already been ground up and placed in a bag for your convenience is as easy as boiling water: All you need to do is steep the bag in semi-boiling water for a few minutes.

However, making tea from loose leaves requires a lot more work. 

Tea infusers do all of this work for you.

The following are over 21+ different cool and unique tea infusers that work very well for any situation.

Our Favorite Tea Infuser

Over 20+ Featured Cool & Unique Tea Infusers

1. Skull and crossbones style tea infuser by Coolrunner

Anybody who wants to make tea with style will enjoy Coolrunner’s skull and crossbones tea infuser. With infusing being done by putting the leaves in the skull and then holding it with the crossbones, it is easy to use as well.

However, putting the tea leaves you want into such a small skull can be frustrating and Coolrunner’s infuser seems to work better with bigger tea leaves than smaller ones.

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2. Narwhal tea infuser by Fred

Most tea infusers almost act as a substitute for tea bags, which means instead of steeping the tea bag, you’ll need to steep the infuser itself. This is not the case with Fred’s narwhal tea infuser. 

With it, you can leave the arms of the narwhal looking infuser hanging on the edge of your cup and let it do all the work for you. It’s a simple design, but it is ingenious. You can even use the horn on the top to stir it if necessary.

Filling Fred’s narwhal infuser will take a little effort, however. This is because of the shape of the infuser itself, which looks a little different from other infusers.

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3. Slow brewing sloth shaped infuser by Fred

Tea that brews quickly is not nearly as flavorful as tea that brews slowly. One of the biggest issues with most tea infusers is that they indeed brew tea too quickly. Fred’s sloth shaped infuser is the solution to this issue. It takes its time to brew your tea and you can hang it from the edge of your cup this way you do not need to constantly stir and steep it as well.

The only thing you’ll probably need to watch for with Fred’s sloth infuser is that it is a bit slower than other infusers. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you want your tea to brew quickly.

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4. Police public call box shaped infuser by Jewsun

As useful as tea infusers are, it can be difficult to fill and empty some of them. Jewsun’s police call box infuser makes this much easier with its removable base. This makes it much easier to fill and clean than other infusers, which usually have you turning them in a precarious position to fill and clean.

You’ll need to use Jewsun’s infuser as a tea bag of sorts when infusing, however, since there is no way you can just hang it from the edge of your cup, which you can do with some other infusers.

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5. Twisting tea ball infuser by OXO

Filling most tea infusers is a massive chore. If the infuser doesn’t have enough capacity, you’ll often need to grind your leaves to dust before filling the infuser with them. Fortunately, this is much easier to do using OXO’s infuser. Being able to open and close just by twisting the handle, you’ll be able to fill it with leaves much easier.

However, this twisting handle is very delicate. The chances of you accidentally emptying the infuser into your hot water with it is pretty high.

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6. Tea infuser basket by OXO

One frustrating aspect about tea infusers is that most of them don’t let tea leaves expand. This compromises not only the flavor of the tea but also many of its healthful properties. OXO’s tea infuser basket changes all of this. It is bigger than most tea infusers, which allows the tea leaves inside of it to expand and make your tea that much better.

However, the mesh design of OXO’s tea infuser basket does mean that it is a little more difficult to clean than other tea infusers.

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7. Seahorse shaped tea infuser by Fred

Most tea infusers are designed to where you almost need to steep them in your water as if they were a tea bag. You will not need to deal with this when using Fred’s seahorse shaped infuser. You can let it hang right on the edge of your cup while the infuser does all the work. The seahorse shape is also a nice touch.

Because of the seahorse shape, filling and cleaning Fred’s seahorse infuser is a little more difficult than it should be. That is the only thing about it that you’ll want to watch for.

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8. Scuba diver themed tea infuser by Harold Imports

You’ll enjoy Harold Imports’ scuba diver themed tea infuser if you are looking for a tea infuser that you can just leave in the cup without needing to stir. You can hang it onto the rim of your cup and let it do all the work without needing to do anything at all. Taking it out is also easy since it also comes with a plastic string that lets you remove it from the cup easily.

Opening, filling and emptying Harold Imports’ tea infuser is not as easy as it claims, however. There are other tea infusers that give you a much easier time in this aspect.

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9. Beauty and the Beast themed tea infuser by Disney

Roses are usually given to significant others, so why not give your significant other a rose and a tea infuser? That’s what Disney’s tea infuser is. It is shaped like a rose and works surprisingly well as a tea infuser. The stem attaches to the lip of your cup and this means you can let it do its work without needing to stir.

Filling Disney’s infuser will be a chore, however. It gets even worse when you try to clean it. There are certainly other infusers out there that are easier to fill and clean.

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10. Owl shaped tea infuser and strainer by Tovolo

Most tea infusers that are themed are usually not as effective as those that are not. Tovolo’s owl shaped infuser changes all of that. It is shaped like an owl, but it also has the same function as a ball shaped infuser, making it much easier to fill and clean than other tea infusers. The chain that it comes with also makes it easy for you to steep it into deeper cups if you choose.

The only thing about Tovolo’s tea infuser that could be improved is that it could be a little bit bigger. But this is only a concern if you are interested in making a bigger cup of tea.

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11. Bee and honeycomb tea infuser by EnchantedEnergy


A lot of tea infusers typically do not let the loose tea leaves inside of them to expand, and bring out their flavor. EnchantedEnergy’s tea infuser follows the same ball-type design as other infusers, only that it is made of mesh that gives the loose leaf tea leaves much needed breathing room.

However, this mesh will also allow tea leaves through it. This could affect your tea. The double-sided mesh also makes it a little more difficult to clean.


12. Tea infuser, strainer, and filter combination by TL Outsea


TL Outsea offers a device that acts as an infuser, strainer, and filter for the tea you want to make. Most tea infusers are one-dimensional and TL Outsea’s infuser will allow you to not only make tea, but drain the leaves as well as filter the tea that you have just made.

The mesh that TL Outsea’s infuser contains will make it a little more difficult to clean than other tea infusers, however. This is something about it that you need to be aware of.


13. Gold ball designed tea infuser by Apricot


Most tea infusers look unappealing and unimpressive, especially the ones that follow a ball design. Apricot’s tea infuser defies this stereotype as its infuser is made of gold. You’ll experience a classy feel when using it to make your tea.

However, gold does not last as long as other kinds of materials that tea infusers are made of. Even though Apricot’s infuser is made of stainless steel with a gold pigment, the gold exterior tends to wear down as you use it.


14. Tea drop design tea infuser by AdHoc



Most tea infusers are only designed for small cups of tea, leaving you to your own devices if you are interested in making tea for more than one person. AdHoc’s tea infuser solves this. It contains a much bigger filter than other tea infusers. This gets you much better results than other tea infusers when you use them in a pot.

AdHoc’s tea drop infuser does not look too impressive compared to other infusers. It looks like a big spoon, which can be off putting.


15. International studio tea infuser by Berghoff


Themed tea infusers are able to allow you to express yourself, but sometimes you need a tea infuser that rises above others in terms of function. Berghoff’s tea infuser is for you if you are looking for such a tea infuser. Coming in a classic ball design, you can be assured that you will get perfect loose leaf tea every time when using it.

However, aesthetics are the obvious sacrifice that you make when using Berghoff’s tea infuser. There is nothing impressive looking about it at all.


16. Diversified tea infuser by Spectrum


There is no way that you will ever be able to use a common tea infuser in a bigger receptacle, such as a teapot. You know that you will need a tea infuser with a bigger capacity for such a receptacle. Spectrum’s tea infuser does exactly this. Being slightly larger than other infusers, you will be able to use it in a small teapot with confidence, allowing you to make more tea.

Spectrum’s infuser can be a little difficult to clean because of the storage base it contains. The quality of your tea will be affected if you forget to clean this storage base.


17. Silicone tea infuser by Cuisinox


You will enjoy Cuisinox’s silicone tea infuser if you are looking for a tea infuser that is stylish yet still easy to use. The tea leaf and vase design has a very inviting look to it and you can use it to make any kind of loose leaf tea that you desire.

However, Cuisinox’s tea infuser is very small. You can only effectively make very small cups of tea with it. You will want a tea infuser with a bigger capacity if you want to make tea in a teapot and not a cup.


18. Tea infuser and strainer with 2’’ diameter by US Kitchen Supply


Tea infusers and strainer combinations have a tendency to rust because of how frequently they are used. Something that you will appreciate about US Kitchen Supply’s tea infuser is that it is completely rust resistant. You can use it as many times as you want and there is no way that it will rust.

The mesh style design of US Kitchen Supply’s tea infuser and strainer is somewhat problematic, however. Tea leaves have a tendency to fall right through it.


19. Spoon type tea infuser by Harold Import


Placing your tea infuser in your mug or cup can be a little difficult if the infuser is shaped like a ball. The chances of the tea leaves falling out from these ball designed infusers is high. Harold Import’s infuser takes a spoon design which makes it much easier to place into your mug or cup.

However, tea leaves still might fall out of Harold Import’s infuser because the mesh in the infuser is a little more wide than other infusers.


20. Premium tea infuser set by Kessaku


There are not many tea infusers that you can use on a large scale. Most of them are designed for cups or very small mugs. Kessaku’s premium tea infuser has changed all of this. You get a single cup, medium, and large infuser with it.

However, it is a little more difficult to clean the infusers in Kessaku’s set than others. Tea leaves tend to stick to the mesh and it can be difficult to get them out.


21. Tea strainer and infuser by Tika


Sometimes a tea strainer benefits you more than a tea infuser. One of the best things about Tika’s tea strainer and infuser will allow you to compress the loose leaves in your infuser just like a strainer does if it is necessary. You can also use it as an infuser right after, which makes Tika’s strainer and infuser useful.

You will not be able to use Tika’s for anything larger than a small teacup, however. Its capacity is a bit smaller than most.


What is the Difference Between a Tea Strainer And a Tea Infuser?

Although they appear similar, there are some differences between tea strainers and tea infusers.

First, they both utilize loose tea leaves. Loose leaf tea is much more flavorful than other teas that come in bags.

Tea infusers usually make tea from whole loose leaves, or at least parts of loose leaves. They are dipped into hot water and the tea is ready after a few minutes.

Tea strainers also utilize loose leaves, but they also crush these leaves if necessary, making the tea a little less rich.

In any event, both tea infusers and tea strainers practically do the same thing: Create tea from loose leaves.

What is a Tea Infuser Used For?

Most tea that we are familiar with are kept in bags. The problem with these bags is that the leaves in these bags are very processed which results in tea that is not nearly as flavorful or healthful as it should be.

Tea infusers change all this, and are able to make tea from loose leaves. Loose leaf tea is much more “pure” than their bagged counterparts, and you will notice a difference.

Do I Need a Tea Infuser?

You do not necessarily need a tea infuser if you just want to enjoy tea.

You can always get bagged tea and let that steep in a pot of boiling water if you do not want to go through the effort of filling a tea infuser with loose leaf tea.

However, if you do want to drink loose leaf tea, you will absolutely need a tea infuser.

Making loose leaf tea without an infuser is close to impossible. Loose leaf tea leaves are usually very small and this is why you will need an infuser.

Tea infusers allow you to make loose leaf tea much more effectively and conveniently.


Any tea enthusiast knows that loose leaf tea is much better than most tea that comes in a bag.

However, in order to make loose leaf tea with as little effort as possible, you will need a proper tea infuser.

Most tea infusers are designed for only one cup or mug of tea at a time.

However, there do exist tea infusers that will allow you to make more tea from these loose leaves, which means you’ll be able to enjoy loose leaf tea the same way you would enjoy bagged tea.

Take some time and explore which tea infusers are right for you so that you can enjoy loose leaf tea.

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