2019 Kitchen Design Trends Preview

2019 Kitchen Design Trends Preview

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2019 Kitchen Design Trends Preview

Get ready for bold new home design trends in 2019! In the new year, kitchens will maximize technology, and include more color, mixed materials and unique finishes. If you’re ready to make a hip change to your kitchen, check out a few of the style elements making waves in the world of interior design.

Smart Appliances

Technology has arrived in the kitchen and we’ll only see its presence expand in 2019. From refrigerators with touchscreens that track grocery lists and recipes to smartphone-enabled ovens, smart appliances make cooking and organization easier for busy families. These appliances are sleek and streamlined so they look good in addition to their many impressive features.

Color Over Stainless

Building on the matte black finish trend seen in 2018, designers are going a step further and adding colorful appliances to kitchens instead of traditional stainless steel. Appliances in blue, green and even red are equal parts retro and futuristic. Choosing a colorful fridge or stove is a conversation starter and a definite focal point.

Make a (Back)Splash

Make an investment in quality appliances while remodeling and they’ll be a great selling feature down the line. Choose appliances in a classic finish like crowd-pleasing stainless steel for a timeless and appealing look. Dated appliances can distract from all other kitchen features, so make the switch now instead of down the line when you list your home.

Precious Metals

Metal shelves will be popping up in more kitchens, giving a new twist to the open concept shelving that’s recently grown in popularity. Metal shelves are a bit more dramatic than wood and still very functional. Gold is another metal appearing in unexpected places. Gold finish drawer pulls, lighting fixtures and even sinks will be an eye-catching trend in 2019.