3 timeless design elements for the kitchen

3 timeless design elements for the kitchen

Working with small spaces in a grand way

The kitchen is the heart of any home so it's important to go for a timeless design that will last for years. Avoid fads now and you'll avoid a costly and time-consuming renovation later. Incorporate these classic design elements into your kitchen and you won't regret it—unlike those avocado green appliances of the past.

Farmhouse Sink A farmhouse sink is a beautiful addition to any kitchen and also highly functional. Its large size can accommodate your biggest cookware pieces and make a statement in the kitchen. Traditional white ceramic works well with all different types of countertop, and stainless steel gives a modern—yet still timeless—look. With a farmhouse sink, you’ll have a focal point for your kitchen that will always be in style.

White Cabinets Going with cabinets in a shade of white or off-white will make your kitchen seem large and bright. They also create a clean, pleasing look that you won’t want to refinish in the future. Want to add trendy style to your cabinets in a way that’s inexpensive and easily updated? Swapping out door and drawer pulls can change the look of your kitchen every few years without breaking the bank or enlisting professional help.

FCenter Island A center island gives your kitchen a classic look and flow, no matter the shape of the room. An island becomes the perfect spot for preparing meals, casual dining and the kids’ homework projects. You’ll also gain more storage space by adding built-in cabinetry below. With so many assets to an island, it’s easy to see why they’ve been popular for decades. You can inexpensively add your own flair to the island with a set of unique barstools or chairs.