7 Signs your Kitchen Needs to be Updated

7 Signs your Kitchen Needs to be Updated

Time to upgrade your kitchen? It’s Maytag month at KAM and a great time to get started on that kitchen rehab.

7 Signs your Kitchen Needs to be Updated

When is it time to update your kitchen? There’s no easy one answer. Here are seven signs to consider.

1. It’s not me. You didn’t remodel the kitchen when you moved into the house, and let’s face it, it’s not you. You cringe at the backsplash tiles every time you make toast in the morning. It feels like someone else’s house.

2. The appliances are getting old and don’t work the way they used to. Smoke billows under the hood. The oven doesn’t hold a steady temperature. The dishwasher leaks. The fridge is stained. You need new appliances, which means maybe new cabinets and counters are also in order.

3.You’re planning to sell the house. One of the most important things homebuyers look at is the kitchen. A remodeled kitchen can add value and help close the sale. An out-of-date kitchen can turn homebuyers away.

4. It’s worn out. The floor is showing signs of wear and tear, and so are the cabinets. Woodwork looks old and worn. You’re tired of drawers that stick and cabinet doors that fall of their hinges.

5. It’s out of date. Kitchens aren’t supposed to look like they belong on the set of a ‘70s sitcom. You’ve seen the new cabinetry, storage solutions, and appliances that are available, and let’s face it, yours don’t compete.

6. Bad layout. Enough is enough. You’re tired of getting in each other’s way when you and your partner work together in the kitchen.

7. You’ve upped your game as a chef, and you deserve it. You prepare delicious meals for your family and friends– meals that could be even more delicious cooked in a gourmet kitchen. Remember, when it comes to haute cuisine, presentation matters!