A Minimalist Kitchen Makeover

A Minimalist Kitchen Makeover

by - KAM Appliances

Get the minimalist look!

Minimalism has recently become a trendy aesthetic and lifestyle. A minimalist lifestyle centers on only holding onto objects and thoughts that serve us while minimalist design entails pared-down stylistic elements such as basic shapes and a monochromatic color scheme. Channeling both minimalist lifestyle and minimalist design into your kitchen makeover can yield a sharp and simple space that encourages deliberate living.

Zone Touch & Slide Induction Cooktop [1]

Cooktops are an essential in any kitchen, making it necessary for even a minimalist kitchen. No heat is wasted during induction cooking because only the cookware is heated, not the cooktop surface. This means that in addition to being more energy-efficient than gas or electric cooktops, the Induction Cooktop won’t burn your hand if you accidentally place it on the stovetop. The Zone Touch & Slide Induction Cooktop is especially great to prevent kids burning themselves if accidentally touching the stove!

Get Rid of the Unnecessary [4]

If you’re taking on minimalism with a clutter-crazed kitchen, you’ll want to downsize from what you already own. First of all, if you have a habit of using paper and plastic, challenge yourself to stop using all disposable materials. Depending on them forces you into a cycle of buying unsustainable kitchenware which not only adds up in price but also yields a lot of trash. Buy enough kitchenware for the amount of people in your house with a few sets of extra dishes, and maybe additional sets if you often host guests.

Additionally, most households have inessential cookware that can be replaced with the basics such as rice cookers, crockpots, and toaster ovens. Unless you’re using these products daily, nix them and start cooking with your basic pots, pans, and oven.

Integrated Refrigerator

Integrated refrigerators fit seamlessly into new or existing kitchen cabinetry, creating consistent lines throughout your kitchen. They allow room for fine adjustments to rid any gaps between the fridge and adjacent furniture. You can choose a stainless steal finish or a custom panel finish to match your kitchen. In addition to their subtle appeal, they are impressively intelligent. Integrated refrigerators tune into your refrigerator use so it knows to when to defrost and cool only when needed without compromising food longevity. They are also comprised of removable spill-safe glass shelves, designed to make the inevitable spills easy to cleanup.

CoolDrawer™ [2]

The CoolDrawer™ is the one tool for every storage use. With the touch of a button, it can change from fridge, to freezer, to pantry, to "wine mode" and "chill mode." The CoolDrawer™ is not necessarily intended to be your primary fridge or freezer but a sleek and discrete way to store additional goods. If you have a big family or simply stock up on food, it ensures your refrigerator, pantry, and freezer isn’t overflowing!

Mason Jars

Mason jars may be a hipster staple, but they are also a no-waste minimalist organizational tactic to store everything from snacks to tea bags to grains. They especially make for great glasses for everyday use or special events. For more in depth explanation of how to incorporate mason jars you’re your kitchen, here are 31 suggestions for how to do so [3]. Sometimes profound change lies in the details.

Are you excited to create your minimalist kitchen? It can start with disposing of what you already own, so what are you waiting for?

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