Best Commercial Countertop Convection Oven

Using the oven in your kitchen to cook and bake small food items that you do not need a lot of space for not only makes your entire kitchen really hot, it also uses a lot more power than you probably want.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this, and it comes in the form of the countertop convection oven.

Similar to the toaster oven, you can use a countertop convection oven as an alternative when all you really want to do is bake something small.

There are a lot of different commercial countertop convection ovens out there, and choosing just one for your home or establishment will not be easy on your own.

Fortunately, this guide will help you make the right decision.

Our Favorite Commercial Countertop Convection Oven

Five Featured Commercial Countertop Ovens

1. French convection countertop and toaster oven by Oster

One of the biggest issues with countertop ovens is that they are almost too much like toaster ovens in that they are severely lacking in capacity. This is frustrating to deal with if you want to bake something like a pizza or a roast that does not take up all the space of an oven yet does not fit in a countertop oven.

Fortunately, you will not need to deal with this at all when using Oster’s countertop oven. It has a very impressive capacity, being able to hold two 16 inch pizzas, a family size roast or casserole, or 14 slices of bread. In all probability, you will not need to use your oven ever again with this kind of capacity.

You will also be surprised at how fast Oster’s countertop oven can heat up. The turbo convection baking technology it contains lets it heat up within minutes after preheating. No longer will you need to wait 10 minutes for your oven to get to 450 degrees. Oster’s countertop oven cuts that time in half.

The only thing that you might need to watch for with Oster’s countertop oven has to do with the doors. Both doors open outwardly and this can be tricky to deal with. The outward opening motion also means that Oster’s countertop oven will take up more space than it should.

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2. Dual convection countertop toaster oven by KitchenAid

Most countertop ovens do not contain enough presets for them to effectively replace a toaster oven or even a traditional oven. This can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you do not have the time to set different times for different food items. Sometimes you just want a preset option to make life a little easier.

You’ll get all the presets that you could possibly want when using KitchenAid’s countertop oven. It contains 12 presets, containing preset times for cookies, pizza, or even dough proofing if you want to use a countertop oven for that purpose. This takes the notion of “set it and forget it” to a whole new level. It makes KitchenAid’s countertop oven one of the most convenient appliances in existence.

The digital displays that KitchenAid’s countertop oven contains is not only a nice touch, but it also makes things very convenient. You can easily adjust the temperature with the knob that it contains instead of having to hold down a button to adjust the temperature which is what you’ll need to do with other countertop ovens.

You won’t be able to see through the window of KitchenAid’s countertop oven. It does contain an interior light to give you an idea of how finished something inside of it is, but you will not get a clear update from it like you could with countertop ovens that do have a window that lets you see how finished something is. This is the one thing that you’ll need to watch for.

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3. Countertop rotisserie convection toaster oven by Hamilton Beach

Something that you will never see in any given countertop oven is the ability to also act as a rotisserie. While this doesn’t really make much of a difference when baking something that contains dough, it is at a premium if you are using a countertop oven to grill chicken.

Hamilton Beach has done the unthinkable with their countertop oven and has included a rotisserie inside of it. No longer will you need to hope that chicken that comes out of the oven has retained its flavorful juices; Hamilton Beach’s countertop oven will ensure that happens with its built in rotisserie.

Automatic shutoff features are something else that are absent in any given oven, but you have them with Hamilton Beach’s countertop oven. It will automatically turn off after two hours, which is very nice for any forgetful types that accidentally leave their oven on all day.

The only thing that is really questionable about Hamilton Beach’s countertop oven is that it uses manual displays instead of digital ones. While this may be negligible to some, it really does make a difference as the wear and tear it encounters can make the displays difficult to see. There are only a couple of preset options as well, which is also unfortunate.

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4. Digital convection and toaster oven by Toshiba

Some countertop ovens are still behind the times when it comes to their displays. It can be really frustrating to set the times and temperatures that you want when you are dealing with manual displays as opposed to digital ones. Most of these countertop ovens also do not have a lot of preset settings either, which can also add to the frustration.

All of this is taken care of with Toshiba’s countertop oven. Everything about it is digital from the settings to the displays. You will clearly be able to see what temperature it is set at and how much longer it has on the timer without any trouble at all.

You also get 10 different presets with Toshiba’s countertop oven, which will save you a lot of time. If you want to just bake a frozen pizza, all you need to do is use the pizza preset instead of checking how hot and how long you need to set the oven for.

The only thing that could possibly be improved with Toshiba’s countertop oven is its capacity. The capacity is impressive enough, being able to accommodate 6 slices of bread or a 12 inch pizza. However, there do exist countertop ovens that have bigger capacities.

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5. Compact quarter size convection oven by Cadco

Countertop convection ovens take up an extraordinary amount of space. There is no way that one could ever fit on the countertop of a small apartment, townhome, or anything of the sort. Even if your countertop does have the space for a countertop oven, the oven is likely to use every last bit of that countertop.

This is not an issue at all with Cadco’s countertop oven. Measuring less than a cubic foot, it will fit anywhere. It is for you if you have ever wanted a countertop oven but always knew that you never had the room for one. Cadco’s countertop oven is so compact that it might even be able to fit in certain college dorm rooms.

Unfortunately, the compact size seems to be the only decisively good thing about Cadco’s countertop oven. It has zero preset options, and it uses completely manual settings for both its temperature and its time. Cadco’s countertop oven goes one further when it comes to being primitive as well, as the time and temperature displays are not even marked.

Nearly all countertop ovens contain nonstick interiors that allow you to clean the interior without too much trouble. This is not the case with Cadco’s countertop oven, and you will likely need to clean it after every use if you do not want to waste hours cleaning it in the future.

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Commercial Countertop Ovens – A Buying Guide

Like with any other given appliance that you use in the kitchen regularly, different countertop ovens are suitable for different situations.

It is up to you to decide which situations you need a countertop oven for.

These are things that you should consider before buying one.

Where will the countertop oven be used?

This is the very first thing that you should consider, and other considerations should probably revolve around this.

Countertop ovens can be used in any kind of kitchen, but certain ones are better for homes or apartments just like certain ones are better for establishments.

This is something that you should certainly be aware of.

What will you be cooking with your countertop oven?

This is somewhat related to the other consideration.

If you need your countertop oven for an establishment, you will definitely want to find a countertop oven that has a lot of capacity that can cook almost anything.

However, if you want a countertop oven for a home or apartment, you could probably stand to acquire a countertop oven that isn’t as versatile or as large.

Do you prefer digital or manual controls and displays?

Digital controls and displays are quickly becoming the industry standard for nearly any cooking device, but there still exist countertop ovens that contain manual displays and controls.

This is a mere preference, but it is still something that you should consider.

Do you prefer timer presets?

Like with digital and manual controls and displays, timer presets are also a matter of preference more than a consideration.

However, because of the time that presets save, they are still an important thing to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a countertop oven worth it?

A: All things considered, countertop ovens in and of themselves are really a matter of preference. They are designed to be a substitute of sorts for standard ovens as well as toaster ovens. However, they use far less power than a standard oven. Countertop ovens are worth it if you find yourself using your standard oven to cook really small food items that can easily be cooked in a countertop oven.

Q: Can you use aluminum foil in a countertop convection oven?

A: Because countertop convection ovens use natural heat just like standard ovens do, you will be able to use aluminum foil in a countertop convection oven. However, if you do use aluminum foil in a countertop convection oven, it will stick to surfaces. Still, using aluminum foil in a countertop convection oven is effective in managing the food particles that get left behind after cooking.

Q: What are the pros and cons of a convection oven?

A: One of the best things about a convection oven is that it saves power. You can plug it into any outlet and this uses far less power than most standard ovens do. Because of this, you can also use convection ovens nearly anywhere where there is space. However, convection ovens generally have a difficult time distributing heat evenly, and that is one of the biggest drawbacks to them.

Q: Can Pyrex go in a convection oven?

A: Pyrex materials are made of glass and reinforced plastic, so they can certainly go into a convection oven. However, you need to beware of how hot the pyrex materials will be when you are finished cooking. You might need to let your pyrex material sit for a few seconds before taking it out when using it in a convection oven.

Q: Can you use parchment paper in a convection oven?

A: It is possible to use parchment paper in a convection oven, but you need to be careful when doing so. Keeping it for long periods of time will run the risk of it burning, especially if the oven is at a high temperature. If you have chosen to use parchment paper in a convection oven, keep a very watchful eye on it while you are cooking. If you see it even begin to warp, take it out.

Q: Do you cover food in a convection oven?

A: The answer to this really depends on how many juices the food contains. Unlike a microwave where the cooking process combines heat and electricity, convection ovens only use steady heat in order to cook. This means you will not really need to worry about any combustion issues when using a convection oven. However, food items that contain a lot of juices can still combust a little bit, so you might want to cover these items if you think it is necessary.


You would be surprised at what you can do with a countertop oven.

In many cases, you will be able to replace your standard oven with one, especially if you live alone or with a small family.

If you only cook and bake very small things in your standard oven, you should certainly consider substituting it for a countertop one.

You can even use a countertop oven if you own an establishment that specializes in cooking small dishes. You do not need a standard oven that will use a lot of power to cook said small dishes, so a countertop oven might be just what you need.

Take the time to explore what countertop ovens have to offer. You are sure to find one that you will be satisfied with. 

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