Break These Decorating Rules

Break These Decorating Rules

by - Product Specialist

Break These Decorating Rules

There seem to be a lot of opinions related to how you should decorate your home, and many rules governing what you should and should not do. Instead of sticking to these confines, expand your decorating style to incorporate what you personally enjoy and find aesthetically-pleasing.

Some rules that are okay to break in your own home spaces are:

You Need to Define a Style
Not every room has to stick to a specific style theme. Bring what you love into your home - regardless of whether it is traditional, modern, or even industrial. Create your own eclectic look and scheme for your space, which will convey your own personality, too.

You Must Use Color
Sure, a pop of color does highlight your space and bring some vibrancy to neutral rooms; however, you can go with an all-white theme that is completely devoid of other accent colors. In fact, this is a very elegant and contemporary way to go.

There Should Be a Rug
Who says that you need to cover up your floors with rugs? Peel back the rugs, carpets, or runners that could be hiding the inherent beauty of your home's flooring. Plus, this brings a more open, bright feeling to the space.

Don't Use Too Many Different Patterns or Prints
Don't feel restrained by limiting the different prints and patterns that you use in your room, especially if you are working in a large space. Use those that you love and that you think look good together. Some designers suggest using an odd-number of different prints in a space, rather than an even-number of unique patterns.

Don't focus on decorating rules and opinions; fill your home with furnishings, accents, and items that you like to look at and that you find aesthetically-appealing. When it comes to your home, it is okay to break these decorating rules!