Clean Up

Chef Brandi’s Favorite Cleaning product

The one item that I always keep a giant jug of in my house for cleaning, is not bleach, or another commercial which I do have. However, the most important cleaning item for me in white vinegar. It helps to get almost every appliance smelling and looking like new.

Washing Machine:Add 1/4c. to where the liquid detergent goes and run a cycle on warm, this will help to remove grime and even a mildew smell.

Dishwasher:2Tbsp in the liquid detergent and run the dishwasher on a quick cycle. This will make stainless drums shine, and white drums to become white again as well as to remove grease.

Oven:Spray Vinegar onto the most soiled spots, the add an oven safe pan with 3 cups of water and vinegar. Preheat oven to 350, when reached preheat shut off, and when you can safely wipe out oven, when a little warm but not hot enough to burn you, wipe with sponge.

Grill Grates:Soak in a 50/50 Hot water and Vinegar bath. Then use a green Scrubby to remove any remaining grease.

Sinks:Spray Vinegar all over the sink, including the faucet, scrub basin and wipe the faucet. Rinse sink with water. Should help to remove grease and make stainless steel shine again.

Floors (hardwood or carpet):Especially if they have pet odor. If you use a floor steamer that only has water add ¼ cup vinegar and steam the hardwood floor, or add a little vinegar to the hot water for mopping (do not add if using a separate floor cleaner like pine-sol or any other.) Carpet, spray a decent amount of vinegar onto the smelly, or soiled scrub in let dry (if really soiled add baking soda atop the vinegar before scrubbing.) Then vacuum as normal, with or without a powdered deodorizer.

Windows, Mirrors, Glass Tables:Spray with vinegar and wipe with a non-fiber cloth or coffee filter. Ruined a pan, or kitchen aid attachment or another item by putting it in the dishwasher…. Not ruined forever it maybe able to be saved. Boil a large pot of water and vinegar, soak the item inside for 15-25 minutes. Then wipe off. I have saved many an item by doing this, not all but many.

While Vinegar, is not a sterilizer or sanitizer it will help to clean before you sanitize. Remember to never mix cleaning product together, even vinegar it can have harmful effects. Cleaning vinegar and white vinegar is 1% more acidity. Which can allow for better cleaning, but I have never had a problem with using white vinegar.

Happy Cleaning! From our Kitchens to yours.
Chef Brandi
KAM Appliances.