Cooking Pans You Actually Need

Cooking Pans You Actually Need

by - Product Specialist

Cooking Pans You Actually Need

Everyone dreams of having a fully-stocked kitchen that can handle any type of meal. But if you can't afford that, you can make do if you only have the following four cooking pans. These are almost as important as any kitchen appliance, so include them on your shopping list when you're buying things for your home.

A Stockpot for Soups and Pastas

A stockpot is a must for anybody who likes to make soup or pasta, and it's also great for boiling or steaming vegetables. They work well with a gas range or an electric range. Although, a gas range will make boiling much easier. Look for a pot that can hold at least eight quarts, and make sure that it has two handles and a decent heft to it. Some stockpots have colander inserts for easy draining. But as handy as this is, you can go without it if you're on a budget.

An All-Purpose Saucepan

A saucepan is a good all-purpose cooking pan that is great for making soup, rice, pasta, and even some baked goods that can be cooked on a stove or range. Any saucepan you buy should have a handle that attaches firmly to the pan, as well as a lid that fits snuggly. Saucepans come in different sizes, but getting a two-quart pan is a good place to start.

A Skillet for Searing

A skillet is ideal for frying and searing vegetables and meat on your stove, and it is a must if you like to make stir-fry and one-dish meals. A 10-inch skillet will be able to handle most dishes, and you should have a tight-fitting lid for those times you need to cover your food as it cooks.

A Rimmed Baking Sheet

Every home should have at least one rimmed baking sheet for making cookies, brownies, and any freezer-friendly meat that can be baked in your oven. Heavier baking sheets will last longer and cook your food more evenly. Also, while you only technically need one cooking sheet, it's a good idea to have at least two full-size sheets and one half-sized sheet if you want to get the most out of your oven.