Decorating Mistakes

Have You Made These Decorating Mistakes?

by - Product Specialist

Have You Made These Decorating Mistakes?

Want to avoid common decorating mistakes? Paying attention to some basic decorating don'ts can help you avoid aggravation later when assessing your completed space.

Be wary not to make these common mistakes when decorating:

Don't take time to measure properly. The biggest mistake you can make is to not take time to measure. Why bother trying to purchase fixtures, furnishings, or treatments for a room when you are unsure if they will fit? Invest in a construction tape-measure and use it before shopping for your new space.

The rug is too small. A small rug can make the room seem awkward, and could present a risk of tripping and falling for those who use the space. Rug too small? Get rid of it and reveal the beautiful floor beneath the rug; if your floors are shoddy, contemplate restoring and repairing them when planning your decorating budget.

Your window treatments are too short. Short window treatments, curtains, or drapes will make your room seem smaller and a bit off. Puddle your draperies or panels on the floor for a perception of height, and consider hanging fixtures a few inches above your window's upper-sash to add to this impression.

Using furniture 'sets' in a space. Using a purchased furniture set, as-is, can make your home seem cold and less lived-in. To avoid making your home seem like a model-house, break up these sets and distribute the pieces throughout the house. Also, add some of your own touches to these sets, such as distinctive pillows or slip-covers, to give them a more personal appearance.

Hang your artwork too high. Hanging pictures, art, or mirrors too-high on the wall will make your ceilings seem short. You may also find that people must look up to see your collection. Hang your artwork at standing eye-level for the best spot.

Too many accents and items. Don't overdo it with too much clutter or collectibles. Be sparingly when accenting your space and display only a few, distinctive items to give them more impact in the room.

Avoid making these mistakes, and you will find that your room turns out looking open, airy, and aesthetically-pleasing. Take time to make-over spaces in your home to inspire and provide a renewed sense of joy when you spend time there.