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Cook Once Make 3 Meals

Summer does not mean that we have more time to cook, I feel like it means that I have less time to cook, and more meals to make. I have started to think about how and what I can make in one meal that can lead to three meals, with little to no extra ingredients or cooking on my behalf. I am going to share a dinner that can turn into breakfast, and lunch the next day with little to no cooking or extra ingredients.

I love a crockpot or steam oven roast, with potatoes, carrots, onions, and green beans. I add all the ingredients to a steam pan or my crockpot, place a little bone broth at the bottom, plenty of seasoning, and cook until done. Serve fresh rolls, or a nice loaf or ciabatta bread. Make sure that you will have enough for leftovers, I have two teenage boys so sometimes this is an impossibility.
Now let’s imagine that the two boys did not enough food for 30 and that you have left overs, I divide the leftover meat, potatoes and onions into two separate containers, and I place the carrots and green beans in one of the 2 containers this is the container that will be used for breakfast. I wrap left over bread and rolls they will be used for lunch.

Extra Ingredients Eggs, Flour Wrap and Cheese (I make these they night of leftovers so they can just be reheated in the morning).
Scramble the eggs, lay the flour tortillas out, place cheese, then eggs, and container with meat, potatoes and vegetables on and roll into burritos. Either heat on skillet to allow cheese to melt, or store in refrigerator and microwave for 145 to 230 the next morning.

Extra ingredients: Slice of Cheese and Mayo or Horseradish Spread Slice the Ciabatta, spread preferred condiments, and cheese, and container of meat and onions. Separate out the potatoes so that you can add a tiny bit of mayo and seasoning so you can have a mini potato salad. (I like to add a dash of mustard and tabasco to my potato salad.)
I like that If I am smart. I can make all three meals the night before and pack them in the fridge, and only have to load my dishwasher once.

Chef Brandi
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