Grill Rotisserie


Sometimes leftovers can be a savior. So tonight, we can make a roasted chicken, with fresh vegetables and a pasta salad. Tomorrow we will turn it into breakfast pizza and southwest pasta salad.

Roast the Chicken or in the case of my house roast two chickens. Make Corn on the Cob, or a couple bags of frozen corn. Make pasta salad, (small shells, diced bell peppers, onion, celery, and mayonnaise. Save a small amount of peppers and onions for breakfast.) Fresh Garlic Bread.
Shred the remaining chicken, and remove any extra corn from the cob and set aside, save all remaining pasta salad and Bread

Extra Ingredients: Cheese and a scrambled egg or egg white if desired.
Take the extra garlic bread from, place cheese on the garlic side, some shredded chicken, peppers, and onions. Add the scrambled egg and wrap. Reheat in the morning on low broil or in the microwave for 130 to 225.

Extra Ingredients: Avocado and Taco Seasoning
Add Taco Seasoning to remaining pasta salad. Add avocado, remaining corn, and shredded chicken. Eat Cold.
I love this meal because I can buy premade rotisserie chickens, frozen corn, prechopped vegetables, and just have to boil pasta and I have 3 meals with barely any cooking on my behalf.

Chef Brandi
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