Holiday Entertaining Tips

Holiday Entertaining Tips

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Holiday Entertaining Tips

Whether you’re entertaining a houseful over the holidays or hosting a few friends, preparations can be time-consuming and stressful. Have no fear! A few helpful hints can help you enjoy the true spirit of the season and maximize fun with loved ones.

Skip the Sit-Down: A holiday dinner doesn’t have to be a sit-down, formal affair. This year, try a more relaxed buffet meal set up in your kitchen. Put food out on your countertops and island, and guests can fix their plates exactly as they prefer. A kitchen buffet lets you keep food on the stove at a low temp or in the oven until the last minute—eliminating the pressure of trying to get everything out on the table at once.

Host a Holiday Brunch: If you want to skip dinner all together, host a holiday breakfast or brunch instead. Not only is a morning gathering a welcome alternative during a season of jam-packed evenings, a brunch menu can be simple and still satisfying. Pick up a platter of bagels or pastries from your favorite bakery and add some fresh fruit and bacon or sausage.

Be Like Santa: Take a cue from Jolly Old Saint Nick and do your work the night before the big day of entertaining. The experts at Good Housekeeping recommend rearranging any furniture and making sure the bathrooms are stocked. That way, you can focus on only food and drink the day that company arrives.

A+ Appliances: Before any special event, make sure your home appliances are in tip-top shape! A faulty oven or dishwasher on the fritz can take the merry out of your holidays. Now is a great time to upgrade your dishwasher or washing machine before guests arrive and add to dirty dishes and laundry.

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