How to Recycle a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a household item used for sucking dust. Therefore, you can use it to clean carpets, floors, and other surfaces. It is relatively cheap, and a good percentage of people comfortably own it. At the time of purchase, it usually has a life expectancy of varying years, depending on the model.

After some time, you may want to replace your vacuum cleaner with a new one. Maybe, after it faults in its operation, or if it begins to tear out. Some will opt to throw it anywhere in the trash, but it is entirely unacceptable. You should dispose of your vacuum cleaner in an environmentally friendly manner. This article will look at the acceptable ways that you can dispose of your vacuum cleaner and the benefits associated with it.

Tips on how to recycle vacuum cleaners

Before you throw your old vacuum cleaner away, ensure that the damage is not repairable. You can sometimes choose to repair it and re-use it again, which can be an added advantage to you. Nevertheless, if you decide to do away with it and purchase a new one, you are free to replace it but ensure you do it properly to avoid threatening the environment.

You might not struggle a lot to dispose of your vacuum cleaner because there are multiple ways that you can dispose of it well. Below are some ways to dispose of your old vacuum cleaner.

Evaluate whether your vacuum cleaner is recyclable by trying simple repairs

Before you decide to take your vacuum cleaner to the recycling center, consult and evaluate whether it needs repair or a quick fix. At times vacuum cleaners malfunction due to one of the components getting at fault. Check whether the belt needs replacement or the filter needs to cleaning to function correctly. You can also try to replace the bag and dust the inside off. You will be surprised that your vacuum cleaner can get back to normalcy.

This option is beneficial to the environment and your pocket. It can save you the money that you could have spent buying a new vacuum cleaner by only replacing a particular component.

Contact the retailer about the warranty

After you have come to terms that you need to dispose of your old vacuum cleaner for a new one, there is one crucial thing you should check out, and that is how much your warranty covers. Sometimes your vacuum cleaner can malfunction before the warranty expires, this will mean that you don’t need to incur any extra fee for repair. Some retailers can end up giving you a new one. Ensure you are careful always.

Sell the vacuum cleaner

Your old vacuum cleaner can still land you money in your pocket in different ways. First, you can opt to sell it as a second hand if it is still working correctly. You will be able to get some money back even if it won’t be much. Consequently, you can choose to sell some of its parts like hoses, nozzles, and brushes. The vacuum belt can also give you some decent money.

Take to the recycling center

A recycling center is an environmentally friendly option. Take your vacuum cleaner to the recycling centers that will appreciate your contribution. Some centers take them for free, but some charge the process. All you need to know is the standard charges to avoid extortion. These recycling centers can sometimes use the right parts to make Plastic pots, outdoor furniture, and car dashboards.

Donate it to somebody else if it is operational

Another best option is this one when replacing your old vacuum cleaner. Who doesn’t want to help somebody or the less fortunate? By giving your vacuum cleaner to somebody who doesn’t afford it, you shall have assisted immensely, and also, you shall have got rid of it free of charge. You can ask for leads if you don’t know somebody in need of it. It would be best if you looked for a donation center because some of them offer tax benefits. Ensure that whatever you are donating is operational.

Try exchanging it with other products

Once you have your vacuum cleaner that is in good condition, but you want to get rid of it and buy a new one, you can try swap meets locally to perform what seems like barter trade. Swapping benefits both of you because you get a different working appliance that you needed while doing away with the one you didn’t want. You can ask your local authorities to organize the swapping events if they have never been to your place.

Take it to the scrap yards

There are scrap yards that can buy the metal parts of your vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you can dismantle your vacuum and have the parts to sell them separately. This is a DIY task. However, they can sometimes be underpaying, but it is better than just throwing it in the trash.

Sell online

online selling is another way that you can get rid of your vacuum cleaner safely. Take clear photos of your vacuum and post online, and potential clients will come looking for you. You can also visit online sites and see which companies need the appliance

Benefits of recycling the vacuum cleaner

Recycling your vacuum cleaner does not only benefit you. There are other benefits that recycling comes with as follows:

Keeps the environment clean

Recycling is the best way of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Because processes like burning will result in the emission of poisonous gases to the ground. These toxic gases pose a significant threat to human beings’ health because this can cause respiratory diseases. Therefore, it is ideal to consider recycling your vacuum cleaner. You can choose to melt the metal and form other products.

Saves energy

Recycling is a way of saving energy. Manufacturing of vacuum cleaners requires a lot of electrical energy, and recycling them is ideal for saving energy.

Role model

Another way is to act as a role model for the rest of society. You should not be the one who leads in polluting the environment which you should be protecting. Consequently, if your friends or neighbors see you recycling your vacuum cleaner, they can choose to recycle like you, and you could have helped preserve the environment.

Saves capital

The tools used in manufacturing vacuum cleaners and the energy used are expensive. You can save a lot of money if you recycle the product instead of spending money on a new appliance

It boosts the economy

People are working in the recycling industries. This is where they generate their income. Hence, they generate a good amount of tax revenue from there.


If you are environmental- minded, you cannot throw or allow anybody to dispose of their vacuum cleaner carelessly as this may adversely affect the environment. Find the best way to dispose of or recycle your vacuum cleaner from the helpful tips above. Your choice should be able to suit your needs at that particular time. If you try any of them, you will help minimize the harm you could have done to the environment.

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