Introducing Miele's New Countertop Coffee Machines

Introducing Miele's New Countertop Coffee Machines

As colder weather approaches, consumers around the country will reacquaint themselves with their favorite drink: coffee. Luckily, there are several new lines of German-engineered Miele countertop coffee machines that just hit the market. Each new series is crafted with the diverse needs of consumers in mind while still utilizing core technologies such as Miele’s AromaticSystem brewing process. The CM5 Silence boasts quiet operation, CM6 MilkPerfection models provide world class preparation of milk beverages, and CM7 CoffeeSelect units enable easy selection of multiple bean varieties to accommodate your day-to-day preferences. Additionally, each series boasts unique colors depending on your selected model, such as Rose Gold, Obsidian Black, and AluSilver Metallic.

Let’s go through each series to see all the new Miele countertop coffee machines have to offer and find one that is right for you.


Before we jump into the specifics of each series, let’s go through the special features you will enjoy no matter which model you choose. Miele has gone above and beyond to provide users of these coffee machines with superior, German-engineered features that enhance your coffee’s flavor, expedite the brewing process, and make cleaning a breeze. These include:

Miele Countertop Coffee Machine


AromaticSystem: An innovative, conical grinder quietly grinds the beans in a unique, aroma-preserving way, ensuring no remnants from the previous brewing session remain.


Cappuccinatore: Delivers hot milk or creamy milk froth straight to your glass from the included stainless steel milk flask.

OneTouch for Two

OneTouch for Two: Allows for two glasses of latte macchiato, cappuccino, coffee, or espresso to be made simultaneously for your convenience.

 Removeable Brew Unit

Removeable Brew Unit: For impeccable hygiene, your brew unit is easy to remove and rinse, guaranteeing a long service life.

 Safety Lock

Safety Lock: Prevents accidental operation, for example by children.

 ComfortClean Design

ComfortClean Design: Many components of your coffee machine are dishwasher-safe so you can give it a thorough cleaning.

CM5 Silence

CM5 Silence

Whether it’s too early for noise or you don’t want to make a ruckus in your office break room, the Miele CM5 Silence coffee machine is there to maintain your peace of mind. These quiet units reduce grinding noise by a whole 50% and are available in several colors that will make it a stylish centerpiece on your countertop. You can choose between the CM 5310 models in Obsidian Black or Tayberry Red, or the CM 5510 in Rose Gold PearlFinish or AluSilver Metallic. These units come programmed with seven drink specialties, such as latte macchiato and ristretto, which can be dispensed with a touch of a button. You can also adjust settings to suit your preferences, including the quantity of coffee that is ground by the unit, water quantity, and even water temperature. Whichever CM5 Silence unit you choose, each one is a perfect entry-level appliance for novices looking to become coffee aficionados.

CM6 MilkPerfection

Miele CM6 MilkPerfection Countertop Coffee Machine

Miele’s CM6 MilkPerfection coffee machine is ideal for people who love specialty milk beverages. These units are available in Lotus White and Obsidian Black, with CleanSteelMetallic and BronzePearlFinish accompanying select colors. The machine adds two bursts of steam to double milk frothing. Additionally, a double Venturi process increases milk froth temperature while creating a particularly light beverage texture. Thanks to these features, up to 18 beverage choices can be created using these coffee machines, including espresso macchiato and numerous tea varieties. For added versatility, four to eight user profiles can be set depending on your selected model, allowing you to store your favorite combination of ground coffee quantity, water quantity, water temperature, and pre-brewing options. When your drink is complete, the coffee machine can automatically rinse the milk pipework.

Four preset modes offer additional convenience during operation, including:

  • Eco Mode: Provides energy-efficient operation to minimize utility usage.
  • Barista Mode: Commands the heater element to speedily bring the machine to the right temperature.
  • Latte Mode: Guarantees the shortest wait times for drink specialties including milk.
  • Party Mode: Minimizes rinses and switch-ons to rapidly produce a variety of beverage types.

CM7 CoffeeSelect

The Miele CM7 CoffeeSelect countertop coffee machine in Obsidian Black is coffee enjoyment perfected. Whether you use the easy-to-navigate DirectSensor display or communicate with this unit remotely through the Miele smartphone app, every function from programming to cleaning is as streamlined as it gets. It enjoys almost all the same features as CM5 Silence and CM6 MilkPerfection, such as automatic milk pipework rinsing, customized user profiles, and copious beverage options. It even has a few exclusive benefits thrown in as well such as:

Miele CM7 Countertop Coffee Machine


CoffeeSelect: Your unit can store up to three bean types, allowing you to manually select them or automatically program them according to your favorite settings.


CupSensor: Automatically recognizes the cup rim, altering the position of the central spout accordingly to ensure no splashing. The spout then automatically moves up 0.39 in. to prevent soiling.


AutoDescale: Manual descaling is a thing of the past thanks to this feature which automatically descales your unit. The cartridge lasts from 7-12 months depending on frequency of usage.


Miele’s new countertop coffee machines are stunning, feature-rich innovations in the world of brewing. Each is guaranteed to satisfy the cravings of the most discerning coffee connoisseur. What do you think of these new Miele units? If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


Are expensive coffee makers worth it?

High-end coffee machines like the ones made by Miele are certainly worth the price point because of the vast assortment of features they come with. For instance, users can set specific profiles to save their favorite settings, have cup sensors to dispense the optimal amount of coffee, and separate bean containers to prepare different types of coffee without replacing the beans.

How often should you replace coffee maker?

Most coffee makers last five years on average. However, regular cleaning and descaling can make them last 10 years or more. Luckily, select Miele coffee machines come with automatic descaling features, boasting a lifespan of up to 20 years.