Make Great Use of Small Spaces

Make Great Use of Small Spaces

by - KAM Appliances

Make use of small spaces!

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped and confined. While it’s easy to slip into the habit of cluttering your home, organizing your appliances and belongings will make a world of difference. Your options for more space are endless once you know how to effectively de-clutter your home! Check out our functional tips to optimize storage and maximize your space — you’ll feel happier and more comfortable in your home than ever before.


It’s safe to say that kitchens are busy rooms. With all of your groceries, cooking appliances, and family members coming in and out, it’s not hard to feel cramped. But with a little creativity and time, your kitchen can (and will!) feel like the relaxing and happy space you’ve always wanted.

First and foremost, organizing your fridge provides a much-needed sense of relief. Take a moment to think about the items that are completely necessary, and then set a goal regarding the rest. Whether it’s getting rid of food and drinks that are bad for you, or throwing out anything that’s expired or making a point to use items that will expire soon, changing the way you view your food storage is key. In terms of leftovers, place your food in stackable, sealed containers to avoid the large boxes and containers that restaurants provide. If you want some advice on fridge organization, check out our blog here

Embrace a similar mindset when it comes to your cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. Get rid of items such as cookbooks or unused gadgets that you don’t need, and hang pots and pans on hooks inside the cupboard or elsewhere in the kitchen. Plastic bins are also great for keeping loose items like miniature bags of food, cans, or even oddly-shaped items from getting out of control.

Ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators often take up a lot of room. While this may seem unavoidable, appliances that are built in to the wall such as Fisher & Paykel’s built-in ovens optimize space dramatically. Installing an oven that is not free-standing will immediately make your kitchen feel larger and more open. And to reclaim extra space taken up by bulky old fridges, try Fisher & Paykel’s ActiveSmart™ refrigerators — some models have a smaller footprint and the internal capacity is spacious!

Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are prime places for a mess. Because we often view this room as a storage area, it’s easy to leave items loose and disregard organization. The most important thing to keep in mind is your shelving. A tall shelf with baskets is a great tool to keep unattended items out of the way. Place your laundry products such as detergents and dryer sheets in a cabinet or closet, and if you don’t have these kinds of storage options, stacking items vertically is a great way to create space!

One of the biggest culprits of laundry room messiness are items that are put back in the wrong place. This is where labeling can work wonders! Labels on your shelves (and even on your items) ensures that everything has its rightful place. This will also motivate you and your family members to put things away as opposed to keeping them out and taking up space.

Another source of laundry room clutter is all the dirty clothes in bags, piles, or baskets, waiting to be washed. If your space is dominated by a never-ending stream of wash, a larger capacity machine is the way to go. The family of washing machines from Fisher & Paykel will each accommodate 22 pounds of clothes. (That’s a lot!) And, because laundry rooms are typically small, it’s a great idea to keep the vertical rule in mind. The washers from Fisher & Paykel are tall and deep, and with more height than width, maximizing your space best. With optimized space and increased capacity, you’ll never dread laundry day again!


Your bedroom is a prime place for comfort and relaxation. It’s no wonder that feeling cramped or overwhelmed by clutter in this special space can affect your overall peace of mind. But this kind of negativity can easily be avoided — several items in your room can easily double as storage spaces starting today! Because designing and organizing your bedroom oftentimes depends on personal preference, here are a few quick and easy tips that we recommend:

  • Store bulky items, extra towels, and clothes and shoes that are out of season in bins and slide them right under your bed.
  • Make use of your window sills as shelves for books and small items.
  • Larger items such as suitcases are best kept out of the way, possibly in another room.
  • Invest in a storage ottoman to keep items off the floor (doubling as a trendy seat!)
  • Ladder shelves can be a trim storage addition, and are both stylish and functional, great for picture frames, candles, and succulents.
  • A hanging shoe rack on the back of a door optimizes both floor and closet space.
  • Hangers, hangers, and more hangers! Big jackets and sweaters take up too much room in your dresser.
  • Last but not least, a small dresser can also be used as a nightstand. Keep your everyday items on top, and anything else in the drawers!

Living in a small space doesn’t mean a cramped life is your fate. Getting rid of what you don’t need, thinking creatively, and recognizing the versatility of the items you need are the best ways to de-clutter your home. It’s all possible! With a few adjustments, your rooms can be more open and inviting than ever before.