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There are so many new and advancing technologies with kitchen appliances. That means as home cooks and professional chefs we are always having to adapt, find and change recipes. I thought that I would share my top three got to websites for recipe ideas.


Yes, even professional chefs love to look and see what everyone else is doing. I love that if I want a new chicken dish, I can look it up, or healthy meals. Pinterest is a great starting point even if all I want to see is a plating idea or go all in and try a recipe. With Air fryers in Frigidaire ovens and as stand-alone appliances this is a great place to see what recipes people are using with success.

2.Sous-Vide Magazine

It is not a surprise to my family or co-workers how much I love sous vide. Most people are using it for proteins to make the perfect steak or juiciest chicken. Sous Vide magazine can be a subscription that you get to your house or just use the recipe tab online to see all the different things that you can make. Over the holidays, I made an amazing limoncello recipe in our Signature Kitchen Suite range that I got from the website. Anytime I need an idea or are looking for something unique to change how I use sous vide this is my go-to website.

3.Steam and Bake Blog

Steam convection ovens are also a newer item to the household market. I was looking for a cake recipe to make in a steam convection oven and came across this blog. She not only gives you a list and an over view of what combi steam ovens are she has a ton of recipes. I love to see all the new things that she is posting, it gives me more confidence to change and adapt a traditional recipe, to make it even better with steam or a combination of steam and convection.

The most important thing to remember when using a recipe online is not to be discouraged if it does not turn out like the picture. Never be afraid to adapt and change what is in the recipe, like garlic add a little extra, hate onions take them out. I use the recipes as guidelines, more so for savory items than sweet. I may add a cinnamon to a chocolate recipe, or a little almond extract to cookie recipe.

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