Save Money and Control Static with Wool Dryer Balls

Save Money and Control Static with Wool Dryer Balls

by - Product Specialist

Save Money and Control Static with Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls are fast-becoming a popular item online and in some shops and retailers. These laundry essentials are found at a wide price-point, but are simple to make on your own. Consider making these easy balls for gifts to share with others during the holiday season!

Some of the practical perks of wool dryer balls are:

  • Keeps laundry static-free.
  • Cuts-down on drying time, which conserves energy.
  • Catches lint from your laundry.
  • Reduces the toxins and chemicals contained in many fabric softeners and dryer sheets.
  • Saves money, overall.

Try making your own felted wool dryer balls; visit a crafting store for the basic supplies to keep your laundry room stocked with these amazing balls:

Buy Wool Yarn

You will need yarn that is 100% wool, so pick up a skein at a retailer or site for this project. Wool roving works very well for felting dryer balls, as does recycling and unraveling a wool scarf or sweater that you no longer wear.

Wrap Your Dryer Balls

Wrap the wool yarn around your fingers a few times, and then change position to wrap around the center of the bundle. Those that are familiar with knitting will recognize this process as it is how many crafters prepare their crochet or knitting skeins.

Secure the End

Once your ball of yarn is about the size of a baseball, snip the end of the yarn. Use a crochet hook or knitting needle to secure the yarn-end inside your ball as snugly as possible.

Recycle an Old Pair of Pantyhose

Cut the foot from an old pair of panty hose- runs and snags are fine- and gently put the dryer ball inside the nylon. When you have a few balls prepared and in the hosiery, tie off the end.

Launder the Dryer Balls

Finally, wash the balls in the hose using the hot setting on your machine. Rinse with cold water, and then dry at the hottest setting possible. Check the balls to ensure the yarn has melded together and become felted. You may have to launder again to complete felting.

Now that your balls are done, go ahead and use them! Throw a couple in each load that you place in the dryer, and start saving money on fabric softening products today with these easy felted dryer balls.