SHARP Introduces the First Convection Microwave Drawer

SHARP Introduces the First Convection Microwave Drawer

SHARP has been a major competitor in the residential appliance field for quite some time, and for good reason. This brand patented the first Microwave Drawer™ Oven, a revolutionary innovation in built-in microwave technology. Just in time for the indoor cooking season, SHARP has recently introduced the world’s first convection microwave drawer with the ADA-compliant SHARP SMD2499FS. This first-in-its-class cooking unit sports an entire suite of user-friendly designs, smart features, and diverse cooking modes comparable to a standard, full-size wall oven. Every single unit is manufactured in Memphis, Tennessee, so you know you’re getting a high-quality microwave drawer that was made in America. Let’s dive in to all the SHARP SMD2499FS has to offer and why it is a perfect fit for your kitchen.


SHARP Convection Microwave Drawer Oven

The SHARP SMD2499FS’s elegant, low-profile design sports 1.4 cu. ft. of space and is tall enough for a 20 oz. coffee cup. Edge to edge black glass perfectly complements the stainless steel finish which houses this unit’s Concealed, Touch Glass Controls. These controls, when accessed, tilt at a 45° for optimal visibility. Built-in airflow control allows for flush mounting in an island, peninsula, or under a wall oven depending on your kitchen style. Dual convection fans allow for turntable-free, multi-function cooking so you can bake, roast, grill, and even air fry. Bright, LED interior lighting ensures you can accurately monitor the doneness of food or spot any messes during cleanup. An optional, two-drawer, under-the-counter pedestal accessory (SHARP SKCD24U0GS) can be paired with this unit and simply slides in for installation.


SHARP’s user-friendly features make this convection microwave a joy as much of a joy to interact with as it is to look at it. Let’s check out a handful below.

Easy Touch Automatic Drawer System

Easy Touch Automatic Drawer System: A small nudge enables smooth, even gliding action that prevents liquids from spilling.

Room to Spare

Room to Spare: This spacious 24-in. unit provides enough room for two 3-qt. casserole dishes, three dinner plates, or a 20-oz. beverage.

Easy Wave Open Drawer System

Easy Wave Open Drawer System: Wave up-and-down near the motion sensor and the unit will glide open for touchless operation. It also prevents accidental opening from children, pets, or simply walking by.



The SHARP SMD2499FS is smart-home ready, compatible with both the SHARP KITCHEN application as well Amazon Alexa. Let’s take a look at several of its smart features below.

Smart Features

Manual Cook: Use your mobile device to send cooking instructions directly to the microwave.

Smart Cook: Sensor/Non-Sensor Cook and Defrost menu items eliminate guesswork.

Save Your Favorites: Create and save up to 30 custom favorites or go-to menu items.

SHARP Spotlight: SHARP’s Simply Better Living Community provides live access to up-to-date recipes, ideas, and tips.


Being a convection microwave, it’s obvious this unit has no shortage of cooking modes. Let’s look at a few it has to offer.

Air Fry Mode

Air Fry Mode: Convection fans and four convenient presets make food tender, moist, and crispy without oil.

 Convection Grill Mode

Convection Grill Mode: Grill up beef, pork, chicken, or fish for a fast family meal any time of the year.

 Convection Bake Mode

Convection Bake Mode: Dual convection fans circulate heated air to elevate your baked bread, muffins, cakes, and pizza.

 Convection Roast Mode

Convection Roast Mode: Prepare brown, crispy, and moist whole chicken, beef, and pork roasts to perfection.

 Toast Mode

Toast Mode: Perfectly brown up to six slices of bread and bagels with pre-timed browning options.

 Warm Mode

Warm Mode: Use your microwave as a warming drawer to keep up to three plates at serving temperature or to proof dough.

 Smart Cook

Smart Cook: Access over 50 Smart Cook features from the SHARP KITCHEN app which utilize convection, microwave, or manual cooking while letting you follow along on the screen.

 Sensor Cook

Sensor Cook: Let your microwave self-determine the perfect settings for potatoes, vegetables, or reheating entire dinner plates.

 Save Your Favorites

Save Your Favorites: Save up to 30 go-to smart cook items in the Favorites section of the SHARP KITCHEN app.


As you can plainly see, SHARP continues to exceed expectations in the field of residential appliance technology. Their convection microwave drawer has revolutionized microwave cooking in ways many would have never expected. We’re certain this unit is merely the first generation in a long line of new and exciting innovations to come from the brand. But what do you think of these convection microwave drawers? Please leave any questions or comments you may have below.


Does SHARP make all microwave drawers?

Yes! SHARP holds several patents on the design, having manufactured the first microwave drawer for residential kitchens. Appearance and controls vary by model and brand name, but every single one is manufactured by SHARP.

How long do drawer microwaves last?

Microwave drawers on average last approximately seven years with regular use. However, they can potentially last even longer with periodic cleaning and upkeep.