Small Kitchens and How Best to Utilize Space

Small Kitchens and How Best to Utilize Space

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Small Kitchens and How Best to Utilize Space

Keep Counters Clear: Move any small appliances and counter-hogs out of the kitchen if you don’t use them every day. Countertop space should be reserved for daily necessities like a coffee maker, while your blender, toaster and slow cooker can be stored in a closet or tucked on top of a cabinet. You’ll have more space for cooking prep, and the room will appear larger with less clutter.

Add Some Open Shelves: Open shelving takes up less room than cabinets and can be a nice focal point for a kitchen. Keep your most-used glassware and dishes on the shelves, freeing up your cabinets for bulky items and things you want to keep out of sight.

Rollaway Island: Purchase an island on wheels to give your kitchen more storage and bonus countertop space wherever and whenever you need it. When hosting guests, use the island to serve apps or as a bar cart and then tuck it away afterwards.

Stack It Up: Get the most of cabinet and drawer space by adding stacking shelves in cabinets and dividers in drawers. A simple tiered shelf allows you to fill a cabinet from top to bottom by stacking dishes. In your silverware drawers, an expandable or sliding organizer will keep utensils neat and add usable depth.

Behind Door #1: Don’t forget about utilizing space on the back of cabinet or pantry doors. Specialized hanging racks are easily to find online and can hold cleaning supplies, spices, snacks, or plastic wrap and tin foil.

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