Turn Your Freezer From Frightening To Fresh

Turn Your Freezer From Frightening To Fresh

by - KAM Appliances

Organize your freezer!

Let’s face it: keeping your freezer organized is probably not on the top of your to-do list. After all, it’s easy to throw things in there and then forget about them until you need them next, or discovering it’s time to throw them away. But grabbing your frozen goods should not have to feel like an excavation in the arctic. With a well-organized freezer, you’ll feel satisfied and stress-free whenever you reach in for your favorite fruits, treats, or meals. Take note of our top four ways to keep your freezer clean and spacious!

1. Throw it away

The first thing to do when freshening up your freezing is to get rid of foods that are past their prime. Keep the nine-month rule in mind (or twelve months for steaks, chops, and roasts), and throw away anything that exceeds this time period. [1] Also, remember that freezing can change the texture of foods, so anything that would be affected significantly would realistically fare better consumed sooner and kept in the fridge.

2. Do not freeze these!

Salad greens are certainly not items that we want to waste, but they not only become soft and limp when frozen, they also lose their flavor. Vegetables like celery, cucumbers, onions, peppers, and sprouts possess the same fate. Instead, try storing them in refrigerator crisper drawers for an optimal life span, or freeze these items only if they will be used in smoothies or soups that don’t require their original crispness. [2] Dairy products like soft cheeses and yogurt, and mayonnaise-based salads like egg, chicken, ham, tuna, and macaroni, do not freeze well, so you’re better off keeping these in the fridge as well. [1]

3. Labels are your best friends

Who didn’t love labeling absolutely everything when you were younger?! Take your favorite childhood craft for a spin once again and label the items in your freezer. Doing so will not only keep you well-aware of what’s what (and what’s where!), but marking expiration dates will help to keep you and your family safe from spoiled food. You can make this activity fun by tapping into your creative side and making funky or fancy labels! Think of it as interior design for your cold storage.

Defy the lack of shelving

Because some freezers come with little to no shelving, organizing different shapes of foods and containers can be a challenge. If your freezer feels like a vast, icy hole or a hoarder’s haven, don’t fret. Plastic bins, small milk crates, and stacking baskets are the perfect solution to transforming your freezer into something that you actually want to open. Store similar-shaped foods like boxed meals, ice cream containers, or vacuum-sealed fruits and meats together to optimize space and reduce searching time. Pro tip: make sure to use clear containers to keep everything easily visible.

Although optimal organization does wonders for your time in the kitchen, there’s nothing worse than opening your freezer and having a heavy item fall right onto the floor — or worse, right onto you! Small freezers often cannot help but commit this crime, no matter how well everything is stacked.

Freezers integrated into refrigerators that open like a drawer not only prevent this nuisance, but provide more accessible space and allow for easier organization. [3] Even better, the CoolDrawer™ doubles as a freezer and a refrigerator, and can switch to either at the touch of a button. With fast freeze, deep freeze, and bottle chill freezer modes, your freezing options have never been more innovative. [4]

Before you write off the potential for a beautifully-organized and efficient freezer, keep in mind that an icy oasis is possible. The freezer that you’ve always wanted (and needed!) can be achieved. No matter how small or cluttered your freezer currently is, we guarantee that it can become your favorite spot in the kitchen in no time.

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